Who’s in the apple tree?

Who’s this in the old apple tree?

Hazel & PippinScampering through the branches looking for the last few apples?Hazel & Pippin

Stopping for a chat …. 

Hazel & PippinIt’s Hazel ….

Hazel & Pippin

… and Pippin! 

Hazel & PippinBaby squirrel softie pattern in the November issue of the Bustle & Sew Magazine.



  1. I love the tails!!! Tooo cute!! Can’t wait for the Ezine!!! Thank you Helen.

    My subscription is fixed!! :)

  2. Yipee! Such fun!

  3. So cute!!! Looking forward to the November ezine!
    X Linda

  4. Oooh, squirrels, how distracting. Are they driving Ben and Daisy crazy? Have you seen the movie “Up”? Can’t wait to have a go at these little darlings.

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