Lots of hand stitching

by Helen on January 13, 2014

I am still taking it easy, though my knee feels so much better already.  Ben and Daisy are home now, and doing their best to persuade me to venture into the great outdoors.  We did manage a short walk together, just along the road  this morning, but friends are coming to give them “proper” walks for the rest of this week until I have my stitches out.  It’s so grey and muddy outside, it’s no hardship to cosy up on the sofa in my workroom and bask in the very pink glow of my new rug from IKEA (a treat to myself last time I visited Rosie in Bristol)…..

And enjoy some hand stitching – I have plenty of wedding projects to be getting on with!  I think I’ve made enough little mice now ….

(from my Pincushion Mouse pattern on the free patterns page) They are a very mischievous collection who are partying among the jars Rosie’s collected for her sweet table.  I’m also busy embroidering guest names for the place settings – to be matched with lovely pastel floral fabrics and mounted in small hoops …

Only 60 more to go!!  But luckily I have a new little friend to keep me company – look who’s perching on my sewing machine …

A little lovebird – I think he’s looking for his sweetheart – another handstitching project for me!  

The lovebird pattern will be in the February issue of the Bustle & Sew e-Magazine.  There’s beginning to be a bit of a romantic theme developing – but then it is Valentine’s Day next month. 



I want to be alone….

by Helen on September 19, 2012

Well, that is to say, not entirely alone as  Ben would NEVER allow that to happen!  But I would like some peace and quiet.  This is because we are getting a new, modern innovation here in Chillington – PAVEMENT!!  Yes, that is right .. pavement is coming to Chillington. 

Clearly this is a good thing as traffic through the village can be quite heavy, especially in the summer time when the roads are clogged with caravans, tourist coaches and general holiday traffic, with cyclists weaving in and out of the other vehicles.  This means that it can sometimes be very scary walking Ben down through the village to the woods.  But for the last couple of days this has been the view from my window …. 


… as pavement construction takes place on the other side of the road.  The workmen seem to enjoy using their pneumatic drill, taking turns and drilling for what feels like hours on end.  Ben has taken to lying with his head under his blanket and the front door is  rattling and dancing with the vibrations.  We simply had to escape from the noise for a while - and luckily I knew just the place to go …

Newfie on the edge

Peace at last!  Yes, we headed down to our favourite beach at Lannacombe where we found ourselves quite alone.  Bliss!  And fortunately by the time we returned home the workmen had moved on from drilling to cementing – much less noisy.  So I popped out into the garden to take a couple of photos of my new softie pattern for the October issue of the Bustle & Sew ezine (out next week!) 

Swan Softies

Two swans inspired by those that live on the Ley down at Beesands.  At this time of year they often fly from the Ley to the sea – you can hear the characteristic whistling noise from their wings as they pass overhead.  They move surprisingly quickly and I haven’t managed to catch a photo of one in flight yet.  By the time I’ve found my phone/camera, switched on, pointed and clicked they’ve gone past – but I have plenty of photos of empty sky to show for my efforts! 

Swan Softies

Hand-stitched from vintage woollen fabrics, these were much easier to capture on film!