Times gone by … and yet to come

by Helen on January 21, 2014

I remember that growing up in the seventies needlework was simply not taught once I reached secondary school.  I attended an all-girls school and in an age of feminism and women’s rights, teaching domestic science was considered to be a very bad and totally unnecessary thing since, as a liberated woman, I would be too busy forging a career to worry about looking after my home.  

Whilst I’m a total supporter of equal opportunities, I think it’s a great pity that for so many years the domestic arts were completely ignored. It’s fantastic that sewing has recently seen such an amazing upsurge in popularity and I was delighted to receive an email from Amol at Terry’s Fabrics asking me to share her infographic. I think it’s great and I hope you will too …

The Resurgence of Sewing by Terrys Fabrics
The Resurgence of Sewing by Terrys Fabrics.

And I so totally agree that it feels wonderful to make something out of virtually nothing!

I had another “times gone by” moment today when I came across these winter-flowering pansies planted along the wall of our village bus shelter.  I remember my first sighting of winter pansies back in the 1970’s and my amazement at seeing what I had previously thought were summer flowers in the depths of winter. I am sure they must have been around long before then – but certainly not in a sleepy Warwickshire market town.  

Whilst winter pansies bloom all through the colder months, there hasn’t been much else in the way of  flowers around lately.  But now I’m back to walking the dogs again I’m beginning to see the very early signs of spring all around.  Too small and shy as yet to make good photographs, apart from these daffodils  I spotted in a south-facing, sheltered part of the woods.  They’re very well ahead indeed …. a herald of times yet to come!