Faux Taxidermy Unicorn Head Kit


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Perhaps you’re too busy to shop for all the little bits and pieces you need or you want to be absolutely confident your head will look just as lovely as ours or maybe you just want to give a very special gift – then one of our unicorn head kits could be exactly what you’re looking for.

This little unicorn is amazingly easy to make – his head is just two side pieces and a gusset, whilst his ears are attached afterwards, so there’s no fiddly inserting into seams. If you’ve never made a trophy head before then he’s definitely the one to begin with – the perfect beginner’s make!

Our kit is carefully assembled here at Bustle & Sew HQ by me with Daisy’s careful supervision.  It includes everything you need to make your own unicorn head except for the stuffing.  To include this would have pushed up postage and packing costs and it’s incredibly easy to find at home, simply de-stuff a cheap cushion pad and use the polyfibre from that.  One pad will be plenty for your unicorn.

The kit includes genuine Tilda doll’s hair for the mane (exactly the same as in the photograph) and Tilda fabric for his horn and for mounting.  This won’t be exactly the same (my fabric was rather old, it came from the bottom of my stash), but it will be a very carefully chosen Tilda print – no cheap substitutes for us!

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