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My name’s Helen and I live in the beautiful countryside of Somerset, England. I started Bustle & Sew back in 2009 and have been stitching for more years than I can remember. I come from a long line of skilled needlewomen and I made my first (rather wonky!) stitches under my mum’s gentle guidance nearly half a century ago! I love to create with fabric and thread – embroidery and applique are my favourite techniques, together with designing patterns for cute softies. 


Love to Sew and Sew with Love…♥


It all began with my blog, specifically for sewing – tutorials, giveaways, pattern promotion etc. Bustle & Sew was only a blog until February 2010 when I sold my very first pattern on Etsy! I discovered, over time, that my real passion is for creating new designs that I hope will inspire others to pick up needle and thread and discover the pleasure and satisfaction of creating something for themselves. 

I run Bustle & Sew from my home – the station master’s house adjacent to a heritage steam railway in beautiful rural Somerset, very close to the lovely city of Bath. Every month I publish a digital magazine for our subscribers, with a selection of my own patterns, as well as articles and features that we send to readers as far away as the USA, Australia, Brazil and Japan (as well as the UK).

All of my patterns and  Magazine are sold as easily downloadable pdf files aimed at the stitcher with beginner to intermediate skills so are attractive to a wide audience. As well as digital products I also sell a range of unique craft kits which I hope you’ll enjoy!

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