Felt Rhino Head



I stopped making animal heads for some time after receiving some quite hurtful comments about encouraging hunting and cruelty to animals. But recently I’ve begun again, as after a great deal of thought I simply can’t see how creating an animal’s likeness in felt and fibre encourages any one to hurt the real living creature. My little grandson Freddie loves his animal heads, and I very much hope that one day this childish love will translate into the desire to protect and conserve the natural world around him as much as he is able.

This rhino head is very easy to make from felt. He is completely sewn by hand, and though he looks a bit bad tempered I think that’s probably more a rhino characteristic than anything else as he’s really a very friendly fellow. The pattern contains full size templates.

Shown mounted on 7” hoop.

Please note this listing is for a pattern to make your own rhino head and not for the finished item. This is a digital pattern and you will not receive anything in the post.