Four Seasons Hoop




Although I love to take my work out and about with me during the summer months, for me the best stitching times of all are those spent curled up on my large comfy sofa, Daisy and Ben snoring contentedly at my feet, log burner blazing and work going well!  In fact, every season’s good for embroidery – unless you’re like me and found your work floating upside down in the swimming pool while on holiday!!

This is a fairly ambitious project, but don’t be put off – there are no complicated stitches and it’s perhaps easier to think of it as a work in four parts – the four seasons of the year of course – blossoms for spring, succulents and reminders of the beach in summer, then autumn leaves and frosted winter evergreens and berries.  The pattern is broken down into these four sections – one to a page – so it’s easy to print off the part you’re working on and keep to hand for easy reference.

Shown mounted in an 8” hoop.

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