Hello Zebra! Hand Embroidery Kit


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I really enjoyed stitching this zebra. As you can see he isn’t centred on the hoop, but rather looks as though he’s peeping over the bottom edge, perhaps he’s a little shy and doesn’t want to venture any further. But whatever, I think this adds to his charm.

The success of your project depends on the accuracy of his stripes as there’s no outline – the full head is illustrated by their positioning as there’s no outline – and this will of course also affect his expression.
It’s important to take your time transferring his stripes as there’s no outline, the full head is delineated by the positioning of the stripes – which will of course also affect his expression.  If the thought of tracing the zebra’s stripes sounds a bit too much like hard work(!) then you will love our Hello Zebra! Kit which contains the design pre-printed on a really nice quality cotton panel as well as floss, needle and full stitching instructions so all you have to do is stitch and enjoy!

The zebra above is shown mounted in a 12” hoop.  We don’t include these in the kit as they’re expensive and bulky to post.  They are readily available worldwide.