Issue 39 April 2014



There’s so much to choose from in the Bustle & Sew Magazine this month. Inside you’ll discover hares, bunnies and flowers to stitch – why not make them all? Then there’s the Woodland Alphabet Quilt – the perfect gift for a lucky child – and that rarest of projects – one that’s great for little boys as well as girls! Then there’s some Country Houses bunting, as well as part three of the popular series “Making Money from Making” This month we’re looking at the importance of branding and packaging to your small craft business.

Don’t forget, you are free to sell items you personally have made from Bustle & Sew patterns.

All the templates are included at full size, so there’s no awkward re-sizing – no fiddling around with photocopiers or hanging around at printing shops – you can start creating straight away!

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