Lovebird Softie Kit


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We’re delighted to be able to offer you a Bustle & Sew hand-assembled kit to make one of these endearing little lovebirds. Our kit includes everything you need to make one lovebird including vintage blanket (please be aware it won’t be exactly the same as the birds in the picture, as that blanket has been all used up now.  It will be very similar though) and even a pre-cut red loveheart to decorate your bird’s chest.

The only ingredient not included is the stuffing.  We don’t send this out as it’s bulky so really pushes up postage costs and its very easy to obtain for yourself.  If all else fails, then simply pull the polyfibre stuffing out of a cheap cushion pad and use that – perfect!

This kit contains everything you need to make your very own lovebird. Your box contains:

  • vintage woollen blanket
  • wool blend felt
  • pre-cut red felt heart
  • printed cotton fabric
  • black beads for eyes
  • buttons for wings
  • floss and thread
  • needle
  • full size templates
  • full-colour pattern card with step by step instructions to assemble your lovebird.

Lovebirds are a great make for the advanced beginner, and are totally sewn by hand – no machine stitching is needed.

Finished bird measures 4” tall (approx)

Price includes postage to anywhere in the world.

Please note: discount codes are not valid for kits