Monstera deliciosa Hoop


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The trend for houseplants and succulents doesn’t seem to be going away very soon and I for one am very happy about that as I’ve always loved to bring plants indoors, especially during the winter months when there isn’t much to see in my garden.  I remember my mum had a monster Swiss Cheese Plant (as we used to call them back in the 1970s), renamed “The Triffid” by my dad as it appeared to be trying to take over the whole of a dark corner of the living room! This specimen is a lot more restrained, contained nicely within a 10” hoop. It’s worked almost entirely in satin stitch with a little back stitch too.

My satin stitch is by no means perfect, though I do keep practising(!) And if you’re the same then I’ve also shared some tips for lovely satin stitch inside the pattern.

Pattern includes full size templates (right way round and reversed to suit your preferred method of transfer) as well as floss requirements.

Please note, this is a digital pattern and you will not receive anything in the post. Your pattern will be available as an instant download as soon as your order is complete.