This Too….. Hand Embroidery Hoop Pattern



Who could possibly have anticipated the situation in which we now find ourselves? As the ancient Chinese curse says…”may you live in interesting times” and the events unfolding all around us as I type this are certainly nothing if not interesting. But even such worrying times as these will pass – in a few decades they will be remembered only as a few sentences in history text books. And so I thought this was a good moment to stitch this little hoop to remind us of this – and add a flourish of spring flowers to reflect the beauties of the natural world as it awakens around us.

Pattern includes floss requirements and stitching guide.
Shown mounted in 5” hoop.

Please note, this listing is for the pattern to stitch your own hoop and not the finished item. It is an electronic pattern and you will not receive anything in the post. Your pattern will be available as an instant download in your account and you will also be emailed a link as soon as your order is complete.