Vintage Seed Packet Embroidery



These were huge fun to design and stitch – inspired by my little granddaughter’s love of Peter Rabbit (not the originals but the TV programmes). The radishes, which are the bunnies’ favourite food in the TV version are variety “P Rabbit Delight”!

They are stitched in stem stitch, split stitch and back stitch and really aren’t difficult at all – the trickiest part is the text as you need to be very accurate in order to achieve a pleasing shape to the letters.

Shown mounted on 10” x 8” artist’s canvas blocks.

Please note, this is a pattern to stitch your own seed packets and not the finished item.  It is a digital pattern and you will not receive anything in the post.  Your pattern will be emailed to you and will also be available in your Bustle & Sew account when your order is complete.