A Hoopful of Hens



These chickens are having a wonderful time messing around in the garden. The rooster may well be strutting his stuff, but only one hen is watching him, the others are far too busy to take notice of his antics. One has found a big fat worm, one is preening herself and the third is taking a nice refreshing dust bath!

This project is suitable for an adventurous beginner. The stitches used are chain stitch, French knots, satin stitch and split stitch. Shown mounted in 7″ hoop.

Pattern contains templates, DMC floss requirements and stitching guide.

Please note, this is a pattern to stitch your own chickens and not the finished item. It is a digital pattern and you will not receive anything in the post.  Your pattern will be emailed to you when your order is complete and you will also be able to access it from your Bustle & Sew account.