Calendar Bunnies Quilt Pattern




Do you love the look of vintage embroidered quilts? It’s easy to find the transfers for the blocks, but so often no stitching or piecing instructions have survived to help you re-create those beautiful mid-century quilts.

Now everything’s changed with my Calendar Bunnies Quilt Pattern Book, taking you round the year with these cute vintage bunnies – a different seasonal activity for each month of the year … from skating in January, swimming in July to hanging up the stockings at Christmas.

You’ll discover more than 50 pages of pattern instructions including material and floss requirements, stitching and piecing instructions and even two versions of each transfer to suit your preferred transfer method. Oh .. and there are lots of photos too, as well as a collection of really useful hints and tips to help you make your quilt the best it can be, a family heirloom to be cherished for generations.

Both the embroidery and quilt patterns are very simple in design and construction, and only the easiest of stitches are used to great effect – so whether you’re an embroiderer who’s new to quilting, or a quilter that’s never tried stitching, you’re sure to achieve a beautiful quilt that’s fresh and modern, truly vintage quilting for the 21st century.

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