Cluck Chicken Hoop



Before I got my chickens I had wanted to keep hens for most of my life – but until recently it simply hadn’t been feasible or practical. At last though I have achieved my heart’s desire and am now the proud owner of four beautiful birds who not only give my tasty eggs, but whose antics also provide a source of great amusement!

This little lady is Primrose, my Devon Blue hybrid, who lays the most beautiful blue eggs, and is extremely friendly and inquisitive , looking at me with the very same quizzical expression I’ve tried to capture in this hoop. This isn’t a hard design to stitch, but you do need to be a little confident when blending colours together to achieve the shading in Primrose’s feathers.

Shown mounted in 4” hoop.

Pattern includes full size template, both the right way round and reversed to suit your preferred method of transfer, DMC floss requirements and full stitching instructions with lots of photos to help you stitch Primrose’s feathers.