Issue 60 January 2016



The Bustle & Sew Magazine is not your average news stand offering and isn’t simply devoted to sewing. Rather it’s more of a mini-book full of goodies designed to appeal to everyone who loves to create lovely items for home and family. Inside you’ll discover a collection of six new Bustle & Sew projects as well as features, articles, a round of online goodies, baking – and even a poetry corner.

2016 gets off to a great start with lots of hand embroidery as well as some freestyle machine applique – why not begin with a magazine holder to keep all your issues tidy and at hand? Then there’s the cute little faux taxidermy dog heads – the perfect pooch – no trouble at all! As well as FOUR more new and original Bustle & Sew designs to stitch.

There’s lots to read between the covers too – and don’t forget, you are free to sell items you personally have made from Bustle & Sew patterns. All the templates are included at full size, so there’s no awkward re-sizing – no fiddling around with photocopiers or hanging around at printing shops – you can start creating straight away!

There are images of all the Bustle & Sew projects on the front of the cover so you can see at a glance what’s inside. Remember – the Bustle & Sew Magazine is an independent stitching and home magazine that carries no advertising at all – every page is full of content for you to enjoy.

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