Baby Rabbit Hand Embroidery


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This listing is for the finished hoop hand stitched by me.  It’s the exact one you see in the photograph and was stitched as a sample for the pattern.  It is however mounted in a standard 8″ hoop and not the beech hoop shown in the photograph. There is only one available.

When Rosie and Dan were living in Bristol and I was in Devon, I used to travel up to see them quite regularly. During the summer months I preferred to make the return journey starting very early in the morning and in certain places early in the season the grass verges along the edge of the road would be teeming with baby rabbits. They always used to pop their heads up from the long grass in a startled manner as I drove past – in just the same way as the baby rabbit in this hoop.

Shown mounted in 8” hoop.