The Stitcher’s Alphabet



I have sewn, knitted and embroidered for almost all my life – working with fabric and fibre really is a passion of mine and it is of course how I earn my living through Bustle & Sew. So when I had the chance to put together this not quite random collection of stitching facts I approached the task with relish, and the result is this little digital book which I hope you’ll find interesting – and informative too – I know that I learned lots of new, and sometimes rather strange, facts while I was carrying out my research.

Inside you’ll find alpacas and reindeer, Queen Elizabeth I and her family, tales from Dorset, Durham and colonial America, sailors crossing the seven seas stitching as they go and much more besides! Seemingly random stitching facts combine to bring you a collection of not only “what is it?” and “what does it do” but also “how on earth does this have anything to do with stitching?!”

Based on the series of the same name that ran in the Bustle & Sew Magazine during 2022, this book has been enlarged to over 80 full colour pages with lots of new material and extra entries to intrigue and possibly even surprise the reader!

For a peep between the pages please click below….