Birthday Party Bunting

Bustle & Sew printable paper bunting is perfect for those occasions when you simply don’t have time – or don’t feel like(!) stitching vast quantities of bunting to create that party feel.  Just print our colourful bunting, cut out the flags, thread with ribbon and hang – it’s that easy, and when it’s up it’s hard to tell that it’s not made from those hard to source vintage fabrics!

The Birthday Party pack contains 16 printable flags, each measuring 8 1/2″ long x 7 1/4″ wide at the top.  13 spell out the message “Happy Birthday” and there are 3 additional birthday-themed flags to use for spacers or extras.  For double-sided bunting just reverse the paper in your printer (following manufacturer’s instructions) and print the set again.  Easy!!


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