Around the Year Quilt Book

This is the second, revised and  improved edition of my Rosie & Bear “Around the Year” Quilt e-Book.  Inside you’ll discover twelve beautiful Rosie & Bear embroidered blocks which together create a wonderful heirloom quilt project for you and your family to love.  The idea for my Rosie & Bear Around the Year Quilt came to me as I was looking through my collection of photograph albums from those long-ago, far-away days when I had a very small daughter called Rosie. 

These albums contained photos of Rosie enjoying summer holidays, Christmas celebrations, picnics on the beach and parties in the garden, always accompanied by Bear!  Even when he couldn’t be spotted in the pictures, you could be sure that Bear wasn’t too far away.  Indeed, he was probably just out of camera range, getting into some mischief or other while nobody was taking any notice of him.  This quilt is a celebration of childhood – and if you have a special child of your own you’re making it for, then why not consider customising Rosie, perhaps changing her hair or skin colour to reflect your own child’s?  This is sure to make your quilt very special to, and treasured by its lucky recipient.   There’s nothing complicated at all about this project, so whether you’re a quilter who is trying out freestyle hand embroidery, or a stitcher who wants to create a special quilt, you’re sure to achieve a  good result. 

The finished quilt measures 46″ x 62″ so will sit comfortably on a single bed.  The 103 page e-book includes full instructions with lots of photographs to work each embroidered block – and don’t forget there are 12 blocks altogether – one for each month of the year.  You’ll also find a special chapter on embroidering fur.  Also included are hints and tips on tools and materials, instructions to assemble your quilt top, glossary of stitches and even a quilt label for you to print and use.


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