Diamond Jubilee Quilt eBook

2012 was a very special year – the 60th, or Diamond Anniversary of HM Queen Elizabeth II who ascended to the throne in 1952.  During the last sixty years, our Queen has seen many changes, and in particular the growth of the Commonwealth of Nations which now comprises 54 countries around the globe.

Queen Elizabeth is the most-travelled Head of State anywhere in the world, so to celebrate this special Anniversary what could be better than to travel around some of the Commonwealth countries, and who better to send than Rosie and Bear!  Join in the fun as they meet a koala in Australia, and an elephant in India, try out Lion Dancing in Singapore, swimming and sailing in Mozambique and Barbados – while Bear is seized by a young lioness in South Africa!!  Then at the very end of their journey they meet arguably the most famous American ever – George Washington!  America is not part of the Commonwealth of course, but I included this block as the USA has been a special friend to the Commonwealth countries over the last 60 years.

This book includes full stitching instructions for all 12 blocks (they’re really easy!) as well as a whole chapter on embroidering fur so you can make your Bear look very handsome!  You’ll also find directions for piecing your quilt as well as stitch diagrams and more.


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