Queen for Sixty Years

New Rosie & Bear design to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II who ascended to the British Throne in 1952.  In this block Rosie and Bear are looking up at the Royal Coat of Arms – and you can see that they’ve both been told they must be VERY GOOD.  Rosie has her hands behind her back, whilst Bear is sitting up very still and straight.  But I’m sure they won’t be this good for very long at all as they travel around the Commonwealth in my series of quilt blocks for magazine subscribers.

You will receive transfers (2 mirrored to suit your preferred design method), stitch and floss colour guides, applique template for borders and detailed instructions for working fur – it’s really not hard at all!!

Included as a bonus with every Rosie & Bear pattern is a free copy of my guide “How to Embroider Fur” to help you with Bear’s furry body.  Fur isn’t hard at all – it’s easy when you know the tips and tricks in my guide! 


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