Rosie & Bear: A Good Book

Rosie and Bear are enjoying a good story, perched together on the largest pile of books you’ve ever seen ….

This is a sampler for the 21st century, showcasing stitches such as herringbone, couched filling stitch, scroll stitch, chessboard filling stitch, French knots and buttonhole stitch.  Full instructions to work each stitch are given, together with details of the DMC floss colours used, together with mirrored versions of the pattern so you can use the transfer method you prefer.   Lovely way to begin stitching or to practise existing skills.  Will look great on your workroom wall (that’s where mine hangs!).

Included as a bonus with every Rosie & Bear pattern is a free copy of my guide “How to Embroider Fur” to help you with Bear’s furry body.  Fur isn’t hard at all – it’s easy when you know the tips and tricks in my guide! 


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