Summer Bedtime

This design was inspired, in part at least, by RL Stevenson’s charming poem, “Bed in Summer” where a small child laments being put to bed whilst the sun is shining and the rest of the world is awake, and also by my own childhood memories of lying in bed listening to the friendly blackbird singing in the tree outside my window on a summer’s evening. Then in time I became a mother and inflicted the same fate upon my own daughter Rosie – of having to lie in bed on a warm evening trying to sleep as Bear called, “Come outside and play!”

You will receive transfers (2 mirrored to suit your preferred design method), stitch and floss colour guides, applique template for borders.

I also include my 9 page guide “How to Embroider Fur” free with all Rosie & Bear Patterns – it’s full of photos and detailed instructions for working fur – it’s really not hard at all!!


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