Circus Parade

The circus is coming to town – a circus with a difference  – a hedgehog who can juggle, a feline trumpet player and their animal friends. Layers of detail invoke all the fun and drama of the parade – and the easy-to-follow instructions mean it’s easy to create your own.

A circus parade picture would make a wonderful gift for a nursery – just imagine how much a child would enjoy all the little details – and why not add some personalisation of your own? Detailed pattern and guide with lots of photos – and link to access my guide to embroidering fur (it’s much easier than you might think) make this pattern just so much fun!

 The finished design is mounted on a 12″ square artist’s canvas block, but could also be displayed in a frame.

 The only embroidery stitches used are straight stitch, blanket stitch and chain stitch. Easy peasy!!


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