Four Seasons Bunnies by Nakisha

Bustle & Sew are proud to present a set of four patterns by American artist Nakisha Elsje VanderHoeven featuring a Bunny for each season of the year.   They’d make a wonderful set of quilt blocks too!   All the designs use just a few basic stitches, so they’re very suitable for beginners.

Only the tails are slightly more difficult – worked in Turkish Knot – however full instructions to work this are included, or you could simply outline the tails in stem stitch or fill with French knots if you prefer. Twisted chain stitch is also used in two of the designs, but again a diagram for working is included, or you could use normal chain stitch if you prefer.

By purchasing as a set of four you save 25% on the price of purchasing these patterns individually. You will receive a floss guide, photographs, instructions for working and normal/reverse pattern to suit your preferred method of transfer.


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