Three Hares Hand Embroidery

This embroidery design is inspired by the symbol of the Three Hares.  This very ancient image is found across cultures and civilisations.  The earliest known examples are about 1500 years old and decorate Buddhist cave temples in China. There are many examples of the Three Hares in churches across Devon, England, where I live (where they are often called “Tinners Rabbits.” Although their exact meaning is not known, a link with the Virgin Mary has been suggested as part of the Christian tradition.

My hares are  quite realistic – and also very friendly, evoking a playful, springtime feeling.  The daisies border is very simple – most of the work is in the hares’ fur.  I have given you lots of step-by-step photos to help you with this … it’s really very easy when you get the hang of it!

The only embroidery stitches used are straight stitch and back stitch and colours are given for DMC floss.


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