Cool Ice Lollies: Quick Stop Press

At last .. the skies are blue, the sun is shining .. and what could be nicer than a cool ice lolly … or two?  To celebrate a rare sunny day here in Devon, here’s a free pattern for you to download. If you’d like it then please  just click on the link below: 

Cool Ice Lollies


Hope you like it!

Sorry, I can’t stay any longer today, we simply have to go to the beach while the sun’s shining and the tide’s out … or Ben will NEVER forgive me!  Back soon …. 

Ben at Lannacombe



  1. Those lollies bought back childhood memories, both my favourites but if I had to choose it would have to be the Fab Lolly, but weren’t they 15p……..?
    Hope you have a nice afternoon on the beach Ben
    Julie xxxxxxxx

    • Hi Julie – no surely not 15p!! That would have been 3 shillings!! Can’t imagine they were that much – you must be younger than me! Helen x

  2. Thank you for the “cool” pattern and for the memory!
    Beautiful beach! No surprise that Ben was in a rush!

    X Linda

  3. Very cute, thank you! We call them ‘Popsicles’ here in the U.S. but I like your name better! Cuter.

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