Nordic Reindeer Cushion

I thought it would be nice to include some quick and easy designs in my November ezine and this Nordic style Christmas cushion turned out to be both….

Nordic Reindeer Cushion

 Lovely  and easy to make and quickly snaffled up by Rosie who, having spotted my photo instantly staked her claim!  Still it will look nice on her sofa I’m sure!


  1. Oh! Its wonderful!
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  2. You’ve made a beautiful pillow! I like it! :o)

  3. I just love this pillow and can’t wait for the November Ezine!!!!

  4. Oh lucky Rosie! Very cute and oh so Scandinavian. Love it!

  5. Adorable Christmas pillow!


  6. Love it!! No wonder Rosie snapped it up. 🙂

  7. I love this pillow!!! Lucky Rosie!

    X Linda

  8. Oh Helen i want to make it, so many things to make sew little time. Diane x

  9. Tres cute!

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