It’s Chris-Mouse


I know ... Chris-Mouse (groan!)  But as Rosie is fond of telling me - the old ones are the best ones - though I'm not sure if she's referring to her seemingly limitless collection of dreadful cracker jokes or was cheering me up as I added another year to my age on my birthday last week! My … [Read more...]

Meet the Maker: Grace Gatley


I know I've said so before, but one of my most absolute favouritest parts of the Magazine is the "Meet the Maker" feature that Rosie introduced.  Over the last few months we've chatted to so many talented designer-makers from across the globe.  Our second "Meet the Maker" from the December issue is … [Read more...]

There’s always one …


There's always one .... and it's always Daisy!  Although Daisy has the sweetest, happiest, most loving nature, she has to be the clumsiest dog I've ever owned.  She has been known to trip over her own front paws and land on her nose, is totally unco-ordinated and has the most peculiar gait - rather … [Read more...]