In which Ben and I agree that Daisy is a proper pest!

It was quiet and peaceful in the garden this morning, so I thought I’d take my laptop up into the summer house and do the last little twiddles and tweaks on this month’s magazine (out tomorrow!) before uploading it.  But as I climbed the steep stone steps I realised that I was not alone after all ….

Pesky Puppy!

 Someone, tired from his early morning walk, was there before me and had settled in for a quiet morning of snoozing.  Sadly for Ben though, his peace was about to be rudely shattered by …. 

Pesky Puppy!

 His naughty little sister!  Poor chap – look at the bags under his eyes!  But very soon she was made to see the error of her ways ….

Pesky Puppy!

I think he’s saying, “If you swipe my nose again I’ll bite your paw off!”  Discouraged, the naughty youngster left Ben alone and decided to “help” me instead ….

Daisy "helps"

 “Hmm … what’s Mum up to?  Better check it out!”

Daisy "helps"

 “Whoops!  I think there might be a typo there!”

Daisy "helps"

“What do you mean, go away pesky puppy?  How can you resist me?”  

A lot of practice over the last 8 months has made me very good indeed at resisting her puppy eyes – at least when there’s work to be done and a deadline to meet.  But meet it I did, and the magazine is all ready to be sent to subscribers tomorrow.  Here’s a preview of the contents …

 September Bustle & Sew Magazine Preview


  1. Daisy is beautiful and Ben is handsome.
    Julie xxxxxx

  2. Daisy seems to take her editing duties very seriously! Anxiously awaiting tomorrow!
    X Linda

  3. ha! we are trying to practice not looking deep into Snowy’s eys – the please, please, pleading look is almost too much!

  4. Those eyes, that face! How can you resist?

    • Hi Jane, she is adorable, that’s true, but once I give in to her demands to play I know that the morning will be gone in the blink of an eye! So I harden my heart by remembering the hole she chewed in my wellies!! xx

  5. I love when you send these emails with the dogs. I am an avid lover of animals & these two always bring a smile to my face. Thanks for the smiles today.

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