1. Both look fabulous – hints of Christmas which I love.

  2. You know, not only is this a great reminder, you picked the most perfect colours and fabrics to go with each other! I love the brightness and cheeriness of this piece !

  3. A beautiful sampler and a gorgeously cute penguin dressed snugly for winter lol.

  4. Thanks Helen, definitely a must and when it is ready I will hang it somewhere I can see it and be reminded of this great rule. X

    • So totally agree. I would like to do the same – but I think Rosie has snaffled my completed design already! xx

  5. That little stitchery is just darling! I love it when embroidery is combines with simple applique like that. There’s a couple dear ladies on my Christmas list who would love it. Looking forward to the September issue.

  6. Love the new little stitchery. Can’t wait for September.

  7. Im new to bustle and sew and cant get enough of it, ive started on the princess and the pea, i cant wait for sept issue as i love the preview, its looks wonderful. xxx

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