Stop sewing and play with me!

Daisy at 14 weeks

 “OK Mum.  That’s enough sewing.  I want to PLAY!  Stop playing with those hens – yes those ones – and play with me instead or I will CHEW them!” 

Two French Hens

 (Two French Hens – Easter softies for the March Bustle & Sew Magazine)

Daisy at 14 weeks

 “I will snuffle on your camera lens too!  Come outside and play – NOW!”

So I went …….


  1. Go on go and play………….
    What would you like to play Daisy, how about chasing Ben tail?
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  2. Sorry meant to say lovely Hens. Daisy is gorgeous
    Julie xxxxxxx

  3. How do you get anything done with that sweet face looking at you? The two French hens would be a good beginner project for me to try. March seems filled with great ideas. Thanks Helen.

  4. The hens are pretty! The sweet cat and the hens look like projects I’ll be trying. Can’t wait for the ezine, Helen.

    Hallo, Daisy! Hallo, Ben!

  5. She is growing so fast!!!! It’s so much fun to play with her :o)! So you did the right thing :o)))

  6. Kim Leavens says:

    Oh that sweet face!!! And your hens look sweet too..excited for the ezine!! Thanks for sharing and give Daisy a big ole hug !!
    xo Kim

  7. Ohhhh sweet miss Daisy gives me puppy fever. I must resist as having three Newfies is quite enough in my household. Please give Daisy and Ben a big hug from me. My crew sends their licks and slobbers to them.j

    As for these darling chickens…I MUST make them. They are adorable. Simply wonderful. You’ve convinced me to come into the 21st century and try to get with the e-zine program.

    Jennifer xx

  8. Daisy is just beautiful! What a cute furry face she has, no wonder you can’t resist her wish to play. These hens look fabulous, I can’t wait to make one xx

  9. Gorgeous! That applies to the chickens AND Daisy 🙂 Can’t wait for the ezine … a busysewing month ahead, methinks!


  10. I’ve always loved wool felt and cotton fabric together, and you have combined them beautifully with your new hens. The projects for the March e-zine are wonderful! Can hardly wait until next week….
    Thank you for sharing the lovely Daisy photos…she’s so adorable and like all babies, growing up too fast!
    X Linda

  11. I am not sure which is more lovable — Daisy or the French hens!

  12. What a cute puppy pic. She is irresistible. I would have to go play too.

  13. Hee hee, she’s so sweet 😀

  14. That Miss Daisy is too adorable to ignore!

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