First melt your chocolate ….


"What are we going to make today mum?" wonders Miss Daisy.  Having spotted my bowls, baking tins and mixer being made ready for action she has planted herself very hopefully in front of the fridge! Sadly for her, this is not a recipe for sharing with my canine friends, as it begins ..... first melt … [Read more...]

Keeping Busy ..

catetc 040sq

I'm sorry I've been a bit quieter than usual here on the blog lately, but I have been super-busy with lots of different projects as well as putting together next month's magazine.  I've completed three projects for the February issue ... Firstly there's the promised project for feline fanciers … [Read more...]

Keeping Busy and a new pattern collection


I may have been a little quiet here on the blog lately, but I have been keeping very busy!  As well as being a very proud new grandma(!) I've been spending lots of time cosied up on the sofa indulging my love of hand embroidery.  I have the embroidery part of two projects finished for next month's … [Read more...]

Just because …. Bear Snow Angel

snowbearseasons 004

I just love gadgets and widgets, from my new window cleaning hoover (it's tiny, yellow and the Newfies are (hilariously) terrified of it!) to a new gif-making widget I've discovered and applied to the photo of my Bear Snow Angel.  Now I've worked out how to do this there'll be no stopping me - I'm … [Read more...]