Blackwork Butterfly wip

by Helen on April 22, 2013

I’ve made quite a bit of progress on my blackwork butterfly over the weekend….

Blackwork Butterfly wip

And have discovered that once I get into a sort of stitching rhythm, then the work just flows.  It’s really very satisfying to see the intricate-looking black and white patterns  beginning to cover my butterfly wings.  Though being me, there’s just a touch of colour … 

Blackwork Butterfly wip

 Lime green markings in satin stitch on the wings.  That’s why I’ve accented the spots on the pattern with marker pen – so that it will show through my patterning and help me position the satin stitch spots correctly.  I have revised my plans for this piece slightly – it will still be framed in lime green patchwork, but will be a picture rather than a cushion as I’m planning to experiment with turkey knots for his body – I’d love him to have a solid fluffy body to contrast with the lacy effect of his blackwork wings.  Not sure if it will work yet – will keep you posted!  

To me blackwork feels like very “grown-up” embroidery, so unusually for me, I have a second project on the go – a real contrast to my butterfly – though also for the June issue of the Bustle & Sew Magazine – let me introduce to you – “Nelly in the Sky with Diamonds!”

Nelly in the Sky with Diamonds

A little bit of “Simple Stitchery” fun!  There’s some simple stitchery in this month’s issue as well – and I’m also giving away my printable birthday bunting to subscribers in honour of Ben’s birthday this week …..

april advert500wshort

 And, as always, the end of the month is a really good time to subscribe as you’ll receive the current issue – and the Stitcher’s Companion – immediately, followed by the May issue and birthday bunting on Thursday when the magazine’s published.  To learn more and subscribe, just CLICK HERE – oh, and your first month’s subscription is just $1!  Bargain time! 


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