Toadstool Pin Cushion Giveaway

I’m having a giveaway as I simply don’t have room to keep everything I make!  I’ve decided to part with my two little toadstool pin cushions, created using vintage wooden cotton spools,  for the September Bustle & Sew Magazine.  I’m offering one here on the blog, and there’s a chance to win the second over on my Facebook page

Toadstool Giveaway

If you’d like the chance to win a toadstool pin cushion then all you need to do is leave a comment below – and if you like, just for fun, please tell me who you think might be living in one of these desirable little fairy residences – Tinkerbell perhaps?  Or maybe a little family of hedgehogs?  

The winner will be chosen by random selection, and the competition here on the blog will close next Thursday 12th September.  And yes, I will post worldwide.  Good luck everyone!

PS If you’d like to make your own toadstool pin cushion, then the pattern is available here.


  1. Oh I love your toadstools, I’m pretty sure my Flower Garden Fairies would love to make this their home.!! Thank you for the chance to win one of your creations. xx

  2. Heather Cawte says:

    A very, very small Piglet (after he lost his original house in the floods, and was rescued by Pooh).

    Really love the magazine, by the way. It’s the highlight of my month!

  3. I’d love to win one of these adorable pin cushions! I think a family of gnomes would love to take it as their residence!

  4. Lesley Walker says:

    Ilove your toadstools. I can imagine a magical mini Johnny Depp living in one.I think he’d really like it and I’d love to have him living at the bottom of my garden Blessings

  5. I’m hoping I win one and the ‘tidy up fairy’ is living in it 🙂
    They are simply gorgeous.
    Annie x

  6. I think the Christmas Tree Fairy would love to live in one of these little houses, all peaceful and warm and relaxing till December, when she sits on top of the tree.
    Julie xxxxxxxxxxx

  7. They are lovely. In my family law, Toad stools always remind me of stories my Father used to tell us on walks, Prince Grumpy Grinch (my eldest younger brother, Charles). In one of these stories Prince Grumpy Grinch was turned into a toad stool, by a fairy because he was rude to her, and Princess Emily and Claire have to find a way to turn him back, with classic fairy like tasks. So maybe that’s who it is? Love Eggs xx

  8. Toads of course!!!!!

  9. My grandchildren, Imogen, Elijah and Harriet, with a room prepared for Rose, who is due to make her appearance next week. They live in different parts of the country, but I can dream.

  10. Lovely lil sewing fairies live in the little Toad Stools, they come out at night and would finish some of my sewing projects, so I can start some more!!!! At least that’s my story and I am stickin to it!!

    Thank you for sharing so much with us Helen!!!
    Hugs, Jan

  11. OOOoooo I’d love to win! I think it would be the perfect home for a
    Hobbit! Thank you….

  12. When I see your pincushions I think of the book ‘ Wind in the Willows’ and think of the frog. He or a family of frogs would look cute in these houses.
    thank you for the Give-a way that is very nice of you.

  13. I think pixies live in these little mushrooms.

  14. Christine Gant says:

    Soooo cute! I just love toadstools! They remind me of my childhood, and who couldn’t use a little reminder of that? I have a granddaughter for which I want to make a little felt woodland full of mice, fairies, and… toadstools! They’re just magical!

  15. LEE PATTERSON says:

    Im so in love everything you do…………… and I collect pin cushions…………

  16. Janet Selman says:

    Love, love, love your toadstool. I have the cutest ceramic mouse that would like to sit under it. Thanks for the chance to win.


  17. marina genovesi says:

    Ciao, io penso siano semplicemente adorabili! Potrebbe viverci una piccola coppia di fatine, si troverebbero bene, circondate da tanta bellezza!

  18. Ikkle, wickle, Mr and Mrs Small would live in these delightful toady residences. Mrs Big pants has added the making of these to a very long ‘to sew’ list, but would very much love to win them for herself. Thank you kindly, dxx

  19. I love these, and i can tell lovely fairy Josie’s twin sister lives in the other house

  20. I love toadstools. Thanks for the giveaway

  21. A cute little field mouse lives here

  22. My niece Daisy. It’s her new bedroom.

  23. I just love these little toadstools and I think the little fairies that live in my garden would be chuffed to get a new house like these!!!

  24. What a nice opportunity you have created. I am not sure who would live in the mushroom if I won, but I do know that I would give it to my daughter who has believed in fairies from the time she was knee high. She has many mushroom homes and such all around her room. She leaves tiny messages for each pixy, fairy, toad, sprite and mystical creature that she is sure inhabits each home. I know she would give your mushroom a grand place to live and grow in.

  25. The Toadstools are soo cute. I think a family of mice live in them.

  26. Diana Hagerman says:

    The Littles live in the mushrooms!

  27. I feel for certain Prudence the Evening Primrose Fairy lives in the toadstool with the polka dot cap and her sister, Pricilla, lives in the other. And if you’re lucky enough to be passing by on a ‘blue moon’… and lucky enough to be passing right at twilight… you just might catch a glimpse of the sisters as they dance among the flowers and slide down blue moon beams! Don’t blink!!!! They’ll disappear!!!
    X Linda

  28. I think it might be a tiny mouse who lives there. I would prefer that he live there instead of my house.

  29. Dorothy Kroger says:

    I would love to live in a toadstool in a forest in England. The walls would be painted pink, moss for carpet. All the decore would be super girly!

  30. Suzanne McFadden says:

    I like the hedgehog idea. I don’t know if we have them in the States, but they sure are adorable!

  31. Suzanne McFadden says:

    I misspelled my email address. It should read

  32. I know that Plushy lives in the toadstool. Plushy is the fairy who takes things from where you KNOW you put them down and then puts them somewhere else. He’s particularly fond of moving in permanently as you get a bit older!

  33. When I see little toadstools, I can’t help but think of the movie, Lord Of The Rings. I can see Sam and Frodo living next door to each other in your sweet little pincushions. 🙂

  34. Anya Mackay says:

    These are so so cute. I think a little pixie called Alisha Jean lives there. She loves chasing butterflies x

  35. so lovely xx

  36. superstitches says:

    I really loved your last issue of Bustle and Sew magazine. I’m looking forward to making several of the projects.

  37. I like the thought that a family of hedgehogs lives there! But really, I’d like to live in there myself. 🙂

  38. Wow! so cute and lovely. I always think a gnomes live in thetr.

  39. A tiny gnome has to be living in such a fine toadstool. I would love to take part in your giveaway.

  40. There has to be a family of fairies living in one with Grandma & Grandpa fairy next door; love them 🙂

  41. Christine Auburn says:

    Lovely pattern, the toadstool is the perfect hideaway place for me to hide away to sew all day x

  42. Karen Stalker says:

    Helen, I love your adorable toadstool pincushions, and would love to have one adorning my craft room. As I have a rather “abundant” fairy collection, I can definitely see one of these gorgeous creatures living in the toadstool, with a friendly dragon standing guard.
    Thanks for sharing your stunning creativity.

  43. I think a little bunny family lives in such an adorable little toadstool house 🙂

  44. Prim and Proper Mr. Toad would have his neat and tidy residence in such a Toadstool. They are so darling, and I would love to have one, thanks for allowing the chance to win one.

  45. Anita Orford says:

    Well as I live in Australia I think my resident possum
    would love to make this little toadstool his home, instead
    of having to share my!

  46. So cute, an enchanted little toad stool, I can just picture Thumbelina living inside.

  47. Kerry Haynes says:

    I just the love the adorable patterns you share with us and your toadstools are no exception. I think my sons pin cushion mouse family (one of your patterns I recently made) would love to move in 🙂

  48. Anita Orford says:

    Well as I live in Australia, I think my resident possum
    would love to make the little toadstool his brand new
    home, instead of having to share mine!

  49. I’d love to win one of your gorgeous toadstools – it would be a perfect present for my birthday this week 🙂 Thanks for such a lovely giveaway! My daughter insists that the Smurfs live here and I know we have a host of Smurfs, fairies, mice and other teeny characters just waiting to move in!
    I think if I were the lucky winner, I would find myself making a whole village to satisfy the demands of DD!

  50. Kate Linehan says:

    Gorgeous I would love to win one. I think Miss Minxie Cherrybelle would live there happily hosting tea parties for the other fairies using her best vintage china xx

  51. Emma Slatter says:

    I would dearly love to own one of my very own toadstool’s. I imagine there are little pixies living in them. Every morning the pixies wander about and sprinkle dew drops ready for the animals of the forest to drink in the nectar of the new day.

  52. I’d love to own your beautiful little toadstool pin cushions, they would be perfect to go with the small red sewing machine I bought for my granddaughters to use when they started with me last week. I’m sure the younger of them would imagine a tiny family of bunnies living inside…..I knows three darling bunnies for them to take home to snuggle. I’ll just have to make apin cushion if I don’t win, the pattern is delightful!

  53. Grrr silly spell check!
    Started = stayed
    Knows = knitted

  54. My family of leprechauns have have been copaining of wet feet, this would be perfect for them!

  55. I’d love to be entered, I adore toadstools and have a small collection of them. I think my little housework faerie would live here as my kiddiewinks are sure it’s faeries that do everything around my home…lol xx

  56. Soo cute! The guardian angels of the garden live in these sweet little houses where they watch over the beauties of the garden. Keep those chemicals away lest you make an angel sick.

  57. i like de paddestoel. like to win
    it’s a place for a little mouse

  58. I have so mushroom in my den for the loverlly toadstool…

  59. Margaret Jessel says:

    Love the little toadstools. Obviously, they are the homes of the fairies in the bottom of your garden.

  60. These are adorable I would love to win.
    Gum Nut babies would adore such dwellings

  61. I would love to have one of your toadstools, I believe a little family of dormice could live in one with Daddy dormouse out foraging and the babies sitting with Mama teaching them how to sew teeny stitches for lovelies for their home.

  62. Wow ….. these little toadstools are fab!!
    So who lives there ? well it is a little being called a ” Hoglett ” and he is very tiny and shy but is very house proud. He likes to keep his little house spic and span. His little house lives by a big old oak tree and it is safely nestled between big knobbly roots of the old tree which has been there for so many years. So what is a ” Hoglett ” well he is like a hedgehog but he has no spikes just a very soft woolly coat and very, very cute 🙂
    Helen Jane x

  63. Fran, Nova Scotia, Canada says:

    I love toadstools – and I love pincushions! When I was a child we lived for a time in Germany. One of our favourite places to visit was a “story land” set up in a forest near our home in Soest, based on the fairy tales. We’d pack a picnic lunch and spend the day exploring the woods. Most of the displays were child-size, so we’d go inside little houses, sit at little tables, lie in little beds – it was magical! I have small papier-mache red and white toadstools I attach to my Christmas tree every year – reminds me of those happy childhood days!

  64. My vote is for the family of hedgehogs. They seem the perfect residence for Richard Scarry’s Mr. Hedgehog and family. Just adorable!

  65. They are so lovely, like all your creations! I imagine that any sweet fairy would love to call them “Home Sweet Home”.

  66. Your creations are so lovely I think a tiny little family of mice would fit so nice and cosy

  67. O, I like your toadstool! Who’s living there? A very busy bee, who has made an awesome beautiful home of her toadstool…..

  68. What lovely pincushions, I’m sure a baby squirrel would love to live in one these, possibly like the one we call Secret who visits our garden!

  69. Love the fairyland toadstool, I imagine tiny golden fairies and ladybugs live inside. I can’t wait for next mag I want to make the fox head.

  70. Oh Helen… you make the cutest things….. I am in the middle of making 4 of your wonderful pincushion mice for Christmas gifts… will send photo when completed…. would be over the moon to have one of your mushroom pincushions….. thanks for giving us a chance…..

  71. Nice giveaway ! I think it might be the Smurfette’s house ??? ( la schtroupfette ) I am not even quite sure of the spelling … never mind , those are lovely tiny houses for a nice little but definitely feminine creature ?

  72. Margaret Jessel says:

    Love the little toadstools, obviously homes for the fairies in the bottom of your garden.

  73. The toadstool would look good next to the fairy doors in my garden, where the teeny tiny fairies live! Obviously it would not live outside as it is too beautiful.

  74. Anita Keeton says:

    The little toadstool is amazing. Would love to have a peek in your home! It’s probably so sweet with, filled with all your lovely things and those two precious pups! Really enjoy your pictures and the blog! Thank you

  75. These are so quaint and sweet! They are really what come to mind when I think of you and your works!
    I would be honored to make a home for one in my Studio!

  76. Those are adorable. A little mouse might live in there. 🙂
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  77. Thankk you for the sweet giveaway! I think Tomte lives under this toadstool!

  78. The little toadstools are very cute

  79. A very small lake sprite who lives at the bottom of my garden here in Michigan. Her family is growing and she would love it! Love the magazine and hate getting to the last page each month!

  80. Trisha072660 says:

    I think an adorable little gnome with a pointy red hat lives in the toadstool.

  81. I imagine the toadstools would sit at the bottom of my garden where a family of Borrowers live. Being true to their name, these Borrowers had the toadstool sent via Royal Post to my backyard, when the current residents were out for a walk in the woods on a sunny afternoon.

  82. These are so sweet, afraid I can’t see past the idea of a mini Johnny Depp….

  83. I would love to win your lovely pin cushion. I think a tiny field mouse might make it’s home there just like the mice in the Brambly Hedge books my children loved when they were little.

  84. I’d love to have a toadstool by the ironing board. In this house, everything works, except me. Nehmah

  85. All my wayward pins would be resting about underneath the most adorable toadstool!! Love them both. You are so creative. I love your dogs, too!!
    Greetings from North Carolina, USA…

  86. I think it’s a family of tiny people that live in your toadstools. I do hope I win since I am in need of a pincushion.

  87. I can’t tell you how much joy your creations bring to me. Your blog always leaves me with a smile inside.
    Thank you.

  88. Very sweet pin cushions!! I would imagine that a fairy would live in there… maybe a famous and well-known one like the Tooth Fairy 😉

  89. These are so beautiful! Of course, a little wood nymph would live deep in the woods within her stool. Thank you for the giveaway.

  90. Beverly Chipko says:

    These are so adorable! I think a wee fairy lives inside.

  91. Nancy of IN says:

    The mushroom would look so cute in our Brown County cabin in the woods. Thanks.

  92. What a lovely giveaway! I think a miniature version of my rabbit, Lizzie would live in the toadstool, she would just love it!

  93. Sarah Smith says:

    When I see a toadstool house, I always imaging a happy woodland gnome family living there.

  94. neena simmons says:

    I would love to own the toadstool. Love your e-mails and your beautiful dogs. thanks. neena

  95. What adorable pin cushions! I could make some for Christmas gifts.

  96. Those are just the cutest things! I know my Abi girl would never let me use it for pins. She would have it in her storybox with some delightful little tale happening and it may have a new creature living in it everyday. Which I’m sure would make the tiny house very happy, don’t you think 😉
    Thank you for the pattern and for giving me a chance to win.

  97. I love these toadstools and I think that the glitter fairy would move in at our house as she seems to be trying out each room in the house to find the right place judging from the amount of glitter I have found just lately.

  98. The little elves that came out at night and helped the shoemaker. Adorable little pin cushion!

  99. I think a family of tiny mice live in the toadstool.

  100. I don’t think anyone is living there yet. It’s got a ‘to let’ sign just round the other side (you can’t quite see it!) and as for who will move in… you’ll just have to wait and see!!

  101. Such a cute pincushion. I love turtles so I’ll imagine a family of turtles in the safety of this mushroom pincushion. Slow and steady, steady and slow, that’s the way we go (not necessarily winning the race, being in the moment and concentrating, and in turn less troubles when sewing/quilting/cooking)

  102. I will join the mouse family in that house. Thanks

  103. These little toadstool houses are so adorable! A perfect little abode for a tiny woodlands elf…

  104. Arleen Schindler says:

    The toadstool pincushion is probably the new home to a new family of Smurfs – probably one of the grandchildren of Papa Smurf who I remember so fondly from years ago. They chose this particular new home because it is well hidden but still has a beautiful view of the changing seasons and the touch of mist and sunshine in the morning.

  105. Oh I would love one of you toadstools and who would be living in it? Well I definitely think it is a family of very small fairies!

  106. What a cute giveaway, Thanks for the chance to win! ! I think there are munchkins in there… 🙂

  107. Hildy Schwarz says:

    I think cute little hedgehogs live in this adorable toadstool

  108. Charlotte Amaro says:

    I think toads live in the little houses. They are part of the musicians of the forest and can often be heard making beautiful music.

  109. Your designs always reflect your sheer pleasure in creating beautiful things to share with us all. I love them!
    There is of course a family of tiny mice living in the toadstools which are completely furnished and decorated inside.

  110. So cute! Definitely the home for a little furry creature, like a hedgehog or mouse.

  111. Sally Clifton says:

    Oooo would love to win your lovely pin cushion,would make a lovely home for the fairies that live at the bottom of our garden.

  112. Eva Andrew says:

    Hi, I just adore all of your creations…reminds me of a world that is slowly disappearing…and I want to keep it as long as possible. Love your toadstools…perfect place for my house fairy to dwell.

  113. Fairy’s and toadstools go together. I almost never see a fairy without a few toadstools nearby. Then you have to have a cute bunny or two, a hedgehog family, a sprinkle of flowers and ferns and life is good.

  114. I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  115. Helen, I’m doing this one for my special needs daughter, who’s nickname is Tinkerbell 🙂 How funny is that. And we are remodeling her bedroom to the Fairyland of little people. She would love it!! I have her follow your stories of Ben and Daisy, she just loves to see the pictures of them and your stories.

  116. This would be a perfect home for woodland fairies. I’m sure we have some living nearby!

  117. I would love to win the toadstool house. It is so cute. Maybe baby ants could hide inside. That way no one would smash them. We hunt mushrooms so it would be great to win it.

  118. Dennis Mullins Sr. says:

    I love the toadstools and I will move my new granddaughter in so she could live with me. Thanks for a chance to win one.

  119. I wish that if I put the toadstool beside my sewing machine that some sewing elves would take up residency there and at night when I closed the door they would come out and finish my projects…

  120. Erica Fletcher says:

    Only recently subscibed to your magazine but loving it. I imagine a teeny tiny dormouse in your little house.

  121. These beautiful little tidbits remind me of a time when I was very young and walking through the woods, I always wondered if little people lived there and used these toadstools for their umbrellas!! Funny! I love your work and THANK YOU for your great offers!

  122. I believe a sewing fairy would take up residence under this sweet toadstool at my house!

  123. smiley face people live there:)

  124. Love ti see tinkerbell living there!!

  125. I keep expecting a small creature to take up residence in these cute houses.

  126. Kathy O in GA says:

    such a nice giveaway…will the tiny hedgehogs come with their little house? Thanks for the chance to have a family relocation!

  127. These are lovely. I think a house elf who’s been freed would live in one of these (can you tell I’ve been watching Harry Potter recently?) thanks for the offer.

  128. I love the little toadstools Helen and I think a family of buzzy bee’s would live here 🙂

  129. UNDER a toadstool crept a wee Elf,
    Out of the rain to shelter himself.
    And there he found to his surprise,
    A new little home just the right size!

    (The first line is from “The Elf and the Dormouse” by Oliver Herford. 1863–)

  130. Oooohhhh….I think it’s a family of hedgehogs! Yes, definitely, an utterly adorable family of teeny tiny hedgehogs. Thanks for the chance to win!

  131. I think a tiny little mouse lives there.

  132. What a lovely little toadstool that is. I would love to have it come and live with me in the Pacific Northwest, in the USA. We live close to the sea and the mountains and have lots of forested areas around us. I am sure that lots of forest creatures would love to live in it and would line up at the front door for the chance.

  133. Awwww I love Mr. Fox he is so cute!! I would love to win the toadstools they are also very cute. Thank you for the chance.
    smjohns63 at yahoo dot com

  134. Marcy Mahle says:

    I love these little toadstools. I think they are perfect for little handmade fairies.


  136. Lettetia Elsasser says:

    I think a tiny family of chipmunks would make your Mushroom Pincushions the perfect home.

  137. Once upon a time, there was a delightful little fairy named Ariela, and she lived with her mother Juniper in a tiny red toadstool house on the edge of forest. Ariela and Juniper were tailors of fine garments to all the creatures of the entire forest rim………….

  138. Blue hedgehogs. They work in one and live in the other. Their business? Detective agency. People don’t expect much brain power from blue hedgehogs so they confide everything in them. Very lucrative.

  139. Brenda Harris says:

    I love all your creations, but I see this as a precious little house of prayer inhabited by a praying mantis. Other forest creatures pin their prayer requests to the roof and the praying mantis sets about to lift them to Creator-God.

  140. Would love to receive one of these lovely toadstools.

  141. Hope I’m lucky…. they’re gorgeous!!

  142. Heather Borthwick says:

    I think that Smurfette and Clumsy, my favourite Smurfs live in the toadstools.
    Think I need to make one or two for some of the other Smurfs 🙂

  143. Christine G says:

    Love all you do.

  144. Sheila Goff says:

    I love all the little stools and fairies. Thank you for sharing. You are so talented. Love it!!

  145. Linda Lee Steaples says:

    I have to admit your tool stools are the very reason I am a follower of your blog, newsletter & your Facebook now!!!!! I can’t remember where but a picture of them came across my browsing one day and I am so in love with them and all of your work. Thanks for the chance to win one of them Linda Lee

  146. What a wonderful opportunity to to add a toadstool made by your hand to my ‘shroom’ collection! Once it is in my home, the Christmas Elves will most likely claim it as their own! I have been knitting and crocheting and felting toadstools for the tree all summer, but I never gave a thought to doors or windows. The elves will be all over yours!!!

  147. Diane Giveins says:

    These are just so cute! I think gnomes would live in them. 🙂

  148. I think a cute, happy little bunny family lives in each one. They are so cute!

  149. I’m sure our little garden fairy, Buttercup has a friend who lives there. It is so adorable, I’d love to win.

  150. I am remodeling my house. So I wish I could shrink myself down to live in one of your toadstools. It would be so nice to escape all the mess and chaos!

  151. They are so cute — maybe homes to wee garden elves who shoo away
    the slugs who are trying to eat the pansies.

  152. I love little toad stools so cute. Thanks for the give away Debbie Kelly

  153. Janet Ferguson says:

    Thank you so much for all your freebies. I love pin cushions so your toadstool is the next one one my list.
    I live in Zimbabwe and have a resident garden gnome and a couple of frogs who look after the birdbath, so I guess they’d have to draw straws to see who gets the toadstool.

  154. Dorothy Matheson says:

    I would very much like to have one of your fairy houses. I also plan to make some for myself and some for my friends. Dorothy

  155. I would love to win one they are adorable. I see a family of little mice living there. Mam in her apron has just put bread in the oven, da is busy raking up the hay and the little ones are studying their lesson as they have just retuned to school

  156. Hey there to my sweet British friend!
    Hope to be able to visit your much loved and beautiful country some day. :o)
    I would love to be able to add that adorable toadstool cottage to my fairy garden! :o)
    As always, love love love your stories and designs!
    Blessings from across the pond,

  157. I love your cottages! I am obsessed with wee fabric cottages and actually am in the midst of making one. And who should live in your fairy cottage?….of course, a little gnome and his wee family would love to take residence in such a sweet place!

  158. Barbara Dahl says:

    Thanks so much! I love making pincushions and the toad stool is adorable!

  159. Ruth Flick says:

    I love these little toadstools. I have made pincushions that look like little girls with fat dresses to put in pins. They would love to see your toadstools I am sure!!! Thanks for your ideas.

  160. Ruth Flick says:

    My little girl pincushions will love to hang out with the toadstool!!

  161. I know the little gnomes who try and tidy up while I sleep would live there during the day. They could be there during the day and shake their heads at the trail I leave behind when being creative. Just adorable. Thanks for giving the opportunity to share!

  162. I was up early today and got a glimpse of Tiny Dancer, who lives in the toadstool in the herb garden. She was adding crystal droplets to the new buds on teenie ferns and vines growing round about. What a delightful treat!

  163. Rachel Bott says:

    I think the pixies from the bottom of my garden would live in these gorgeous toadstool houses
    I would love to have one in my sewing room so they could keep me company while I sew

  164. My daughter’s miniature hedgehogs, Pickles and Sugar would love this home!

  165. What a nice gift ! I could live in these tiny houses ;o) A mushroom home has ever been my dream home ;o)

  166. Lynda Lagodney says:

    I think Mr. Toad of Toad Hall uses it as a vacation cottage!

  167. Lesley Rickhuss says:

    I think the beautiful little newt that I found in my garden would love to make a home in one of your toadstools

  168. I would love to win these. I am just starting to teach myself how to hand sew. I think these are the cutest little things ever. If I could live in them I would, those would be the cutest, warmest, coziest little homes ever. I can picture a nice little library with my soft fluffy chair, and my ottoman for my feet. Several cats surround means add to the warmth of the fire. I read my book and enjoy the cozy little nest of love.

  169. Lori Morton says:

    Loooove yout lil toadstool Houses!!! I know a sweeet lil’ fairy named Chloe…and she would be delighted to reside in one of these adorable Homes!!

  170. Your designs are so delicate and pretty. I’d love to win this kit. It would make a wonderful gift for my friend that is also a fan of your.

  171. Saul & Sarah Shrew and their little baby Sammy!

  172. I have a dear cousin who is dying of Cancer and loves to sew.
    The toad stool pin cushion would please her so.
    Perhaps the lazy grasshopper who failed to make himself a
    proper house for the winter!

  173. Love the toadstool pin cushions. In my sewing room. little dust bunnies would live in them.

  174. I love these adorable toadstool houses and would be so delighted to win one. I like to think that a magical hedgehog family lives in them!

  175. Jennifer Cunningham says:

    Such cute little toadstools….A fitting home for a busy little gnome!
    I am working on your calender bunnies and loving stitching again!

  176. YAY…I’d LOOOOOOVE to enter your giveaway :o)

  177. Love the cuteness of these!!

  178. Rachel Muumbo says:

    Your toadstools are gorgeous! I can see my very imaginative daughter and her equally imaginative best friend pretending that they can shrink themselves to fit into these little houses so they can have lots of adventures!

  179. I love these, and since we are going to be doing Barrie’s Peter Pan and Wendy at school this year, I will say Tink might peek out from there….even though I love the idea of Piglet being there also!

  180. I LOVE these and think either Tink or Piglet might be lurking underneath!

  181. They are adorable, I definately think the Dummy Fairy, my grand daughter’s just given all her dummies to the Dummy Fairy this week, you hang them on a tree in the garden and overnight the fairy take them away for other babies, and in the morning leaves the little child a present. It would be lovely to think she lives in a toadstool like yours!

  182. Karen Kauffman says:

    Hi Helen,
    I am new to your site. I love the mouse pin cushions and have made a few, so I think a little mouse would find the toadstools to be quite comfy! Thanks for some lovely projects.


  183. Nikki Pacheco Theard says:

    I hope that the sweet wee woodland faeries would be delighted to inhabit your enchanting toadstool pincushion, it is so charming.

  184. A little family of fairy bunnies, preparing for a family feast!

  185. Susan Lindeman says:

    These are adorable! The ladybugs love them too 🙂

  186. Way too nice to stick pins in, I would love to win one. Thanks

  187. This is so delightful! It would be the perfect home for my resident fairy, Flossy. She’s a tooth fairy. She current lives in a quaint little dollhouse but is cutreny on the lookout for a more rural home, being from the country. When she isn’t travelling the country collecting shiny pearly whites, she’s usi g them to build cribs and rattles for baby dormice, and might even save a few to build a lovely toothy picket fence around her toadstool 🙂

  188. Your pin cushions are gorgeous Helen. Maybe some Wee Folk might live there! Thanks for the lovely giveaway.

  189. A fairy family. They remind me of illustrations from a book I had as a child.

  190. Elizabeth wall says:

    Lovely I think all the little people in the garden live in the garden toadstool,and they come out at night and have fun then sleep all day inside the toadstool all nice and quite

  191. marilyn holley-stupka says:

    The Wee Fairy Folk at the bottom of the garden love these little houses. They make beautiful fabric from the colors of the flowers so we have wonderful cloth for quilts and other cozy things.

  192. Georgette M says:

    The tooth fairy. So sweet.

  193. Oi, que lindos! Amei!
    Por aqui não temos como esses, pois nosso clima é muito diferente!
    Mas, arriscando, acho que aa moradoras são felizes por terem uma “casa” tão bonita! As fadas gostam de coisas assim,delicadas como elas.
    tomara que eu ganhe!
    bjjssss, Eva from Brasil

  194. I do believe that has those are pin cushions they likely have tailor gnomes living within there walls, you know its always bigger then it looks on the outside.

  195. Patricia Livingston says:

    These are so beautiful. There’s a little family of tiny sheep and alpacas living in the garden and a little old lady lives in one of the houses where she sits and spins and sews her beautiful creations. In the other house lives the tiniest and prettiest little dog and its family.

  196. Oh what an adorable pincushion!!! I live in Australia, so I’m seeing a little family of echidnas living in a sweet home like that. 🙂

  197. So sweet! I’d like to think there is a little family of gnomes with a pet hedgehog living there.

  198. Aren’t these just gorgeous. I think that Twinkle a fairy who likes and looks after squirrels lives in one of these delightful homes.

  199. If I were to win then my little Ewok fairy would have a home! thanks for the chance to win!

  200. I’ve always adored fairy tood stool ..These sweet creations are so very magical ..the perfect place for me to inhabit in my dreams..Hugs

  201. I would love to win this pincushion. I LOVE PINCUSHIONS……there’s always a need for them.

  202. Kathleen Holmes says:

    Why leprechauns of course, trying to hide their pots of gold . . .

  203. Love your toadstools. I can imagine a family of tiny moles living there. Sure hope I win. My daughter in law would love one, I’m sure.
    Many blessings….

  204. Nancye Aitken says:

    I love the idea that a family of little hedgehogs will move into their new house soon.

  205. I think these are just adorable!! Mine would have a cute little hedgehog living in it. You do wonderful patterns.

  206. A holiday spent with the fairies in Fantasy land camping out in a beautiful toadstool resort. Thank you for making my days a little more wonderful with sharing hints of imagination, making life more fun living among toadstools. Your tutorials are wonderful, thank you

  207. I love your creations! I think a little frog family lives under one toadstool, right next door to the toad family.

  208. Cindy guido says:

    Toad stools I would love have one ,they are so cute. Give your dogs a hug from me!

  209. Such lovely toadstools, just wish I was small enough to make my home inside! X

  210. We just finished watching Lord of the Rings so I can picture a Hobbit loving this little home.

  211. Thank you for the chance to win one of your toadstool pin cushions.

  212. Charlene Hansen says:

    These are really cute:) perhaps tiny little fairies live there.w

  213. Elizabeth McDonald (catskill quilter) says:

    These pincushions are adorable! They look like a perfect sort of home for gnomes!

  214. I love these little toadstools – we are trying to build our house, which due to builders not arriving on site for what seems like weeks on end, I would love to be smaller and just move into one of these they look so cosy. Thanks for all your lovely ideas.

  215. Love your woodland themes. I think that all different families of wee little people live in the toadstool houses.

  216. They look like the little toadstool houses that the family of mice lived in , in stories that my mum made up when we and following generations were small. Brings back lovely memories of bedtimes and the unique stories that she told us.

  217. Lovely toadstool creations. I think welsh fairy lives in one, and in the other, her pet corgi dog. Which she uses like a horse, and rides at night, that’s why the corgi dog has a white saddle reins on its coat even now. The mark where the fairies’ saddle and reins go, and they ride them thru the welsh countryside at night

  218. Julie Barkley says:

    I love the toadstool pincushions! Sew Cute! I think The Littles ( remember them?!) maybe under there living. They are getting tired of travelling and need a vacation! You’re stuffies and patterns, etc are just too Awesome! I bet it is a thrill to love what you do and to wake up everyday thinking ” Hmm, what shall I make today?”

  219. I was worried reading the post about Daisy only accompanying you to the woods, but I am glad that you clarified that Ben is ok. That fox looks very dapper.

  220. Love these little toadstools, perfect for sewing fairies.

  221. Ahhh, these are soooooo cute!! They’re faerie homes for sure ♥ I have a bunch of little books on faerie homes and they’re just the cutest things. Miniature houses are my weakness, I guess!

  222. Valerie K. says:

    These toadstools exude “WHIMSEY” from each and every stitch…I think that is what makes life a really fun place to be…a family of garden caterpillars would be my choice for residents.

  223. Kathy Malone says:

    Love these toadstools! They are the cutest!

  224. trish beard says:

    a fairy queen

  225. Gracias por el sorteo, es divertido participar en estas cosas, pues crean mucha emoción.

    Si fuera un hada viviría en esa casita de hongo, produciendo polvo mágico, para regalar a los niños muchos sueños.

    Saludos y gracias.

    Costa Rica

  226. Very cute! Perfect little toadstool.

  227. a small family of cute little mice. they have made them a home there & the tops will keep the rain off of them. love the mushrooms.

  228. Jennifer Watkins says:

    My daughter Esme in her dreams. Xxx

  229. I would love to give a toadstool pincushion to my grandaughter who is just learning to embroider. She believes in dreamweavers and I could tell her that one lives in the toadstool. I am sure she would place it next to her dreamcatcher and check it every morning to find the dreamweaver.

  230. Karen Stewart says:

    Toadstools are wonderful! You can conjure up all kinds of interesting imaginative stories to go with. Would love to win your little beauty. I’m thinking a cute, little, needle-felted, furry woodlands creature would look perfect perched on top . . . and we have a wide assortment of those around here to choose from!

  231. Mae Conatser says:

    I would love to hold these delightful mushroom creations in my hands and dream of who might make a home there. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  232. I have pet ratties and any one of them would look just adorable sniffing around one of these and then trying to get on top of it! Great for a photo! But if this is to be for fairies, then a ratty fairy godmother could very happily live here. Thank you for the chance to dream a little!

  233. In Australia we have little Gumnut bush babies who live in the little toadstool houses at the bottom of our native bush gardens. As we have low rainfall they often only come out when the weather & area you live in has some rainfall in most seasons, Melbourne is quite suitable for this. The Gumnut bush babies have their wattle & bottlebrush friends over for nectar tea parties under our native ferns, a fitting ending for warm balmy days.

  234. i think a few fairies would be cute around them. they could use them to keep out of the rain & they could make them a cute little home. thanks/chance

  235. Your toadstools are so cute!! They would make a nice home for a family of tiny mice.

  236. Sheila Belveal says:

    Love your toadstools! Perfect for the frog living in my berry bushes!

  237. I have just the right amount of room for one of your shrooms.

  238. stunning as usual like all of your work these take me back to my childhood

  239. Michelle Emery says:

    I am just learning to sew and would love one of these adorable pin cushions. And I’m sure a nice mushroom gnome family would love one too! 😉

  240. So adorable!! Loving these toadstools!! Thank you so much for the wonderful giveaway!!!! I think Hodge and Podge live in the quaint little toadstools and host wonderfully delicious tea parties for all the woodland folk.

  241. lovely little friends

  242. Barbara Roberts says:

    I would love to win these. It was my favorite project in your issue. I think little fairy’s are living there!

  243. Hi,
    I , like so many others , love reading your blog. Thankyou for sharing your ideas and life.

  244. Helen Porter says:

    I am in need of a pin cushion and how pretty are these. A fairy would live in these gorgeous toadstools.

  245. i have a little bitty frog out by my back door. that toad stool would sure make him a nice home. love these mushrooms.

  246. Hi! I just stumbled across your blog and have really enjoyed reading through some past postings. Too late for the give-away but thought I would leave a comment anyway as your blog was so fun to read.

  247. I can imagine a little pixie being very comfortable in this toadstool or a fairy sitting outside sewing. Great project.

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