Valentine Bunnies Giveaway

Phew … the February issue of the Bustle & Sew Magazine has been now sent out to everyone (if you are a subscriber and haven’t seen your copy in your in-box please be sure to contact me soonest so I can make sure you receive it safely).  

The description for the February issue in my store says that it  “celebrates the earliest signs of spring, with projects for Valentine’s Day and some Easter bunnies too”.  Which is completely true.  However ….  even as I was typing this, I was thinking to myself,  “Why should bunnies be limited to Easter?  What about some Valentine’s bunnies too?”  And so I have adapted the bunny template from this month’s magazine to create a giveaway for you….

A chance to win two adorable little patchwork bunnies applied to a vintage cotton panel surrounded by a sweet spring blossom garland printed ready for you to stitch, with space below the bunnies for you to stitch names or any text you choose.  The finished garland is about 6 1/2″ in diameter.  And … as well as the panel itself, I’m delighted to be able to include two cute thread bobbins generously donated by the lovely Sandy from her wonderfully named Etsy shop “Giggle Snort Society!”  Please do pop over and take a look at her selection of designs – they’re pretty and practical too!

To enter my Valentine bunny giveaway please leave a comment below and – just for fun – please tell me your favourite sign of spring!   The giveaway will close at 12 midnight (GMT) on Wednesday 5th February and I’m so looking forward to reading your comments!


  1. Snowdrops!!

    • I love to see the crocus bulbs in my passed dogs garden in the spring. It always makes me smile and remember my lovely dachshunds buried there.

  2. I love the first days of warm sunlight on my face. I could sit outside all day.

  3. Kathleen Robertson says:

    All the bulbs peaking above the earth, it really cheers me up to see the plants re-emerging after winter, I know spring is round the corner, even though atm the weather here is atrocious.

  4. My favorite sign of spring is when the robins return to our yard. Thanks for offering the lovely giveaway.

  5. I love seeing the first signs of bulbs coming up. Knowing the tulips and daffodil flowers will soon be here! Td

  6. Daffodils coming up and our pecan trees getting green leaves. Those are two signs I love to watch for. Can’t wait for spring! Thank you for lovely give-a-way. Like the bunnies and the thread keepers are so cute!

  7. I think my absolute favorite sign of spring is seeing the first flowering daffodil

  8. Daffodils: they always brighten my day!


  9. Here in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia, autumn, with its milder weather and beautiful colours, is my favourite season. It’s summer now, and scorchingly hot. But after our long, cold winter there’s nothing like the sight of those first green bulb leaves popping up to lift your spirits; they are the first sign of lovely surprises to come in the garden.

  10. My favorite sign of spring is when our cypress trees start to sprout new leaves.
    Thanks for hosting the giveaway, too!

  11. Snow crocuses are my favorite sign of spring!
    X Linda

  12. hello there
    We love it when the blossoms come through on the two flowering cherry trees in the front garden – beautiful!

  13. My favourite sign of spring is seeing the ornamental cherry trees blossoming. They are planted all over our town. All the pink is so welcome and pretty at a time when much of the landscape is brown.

  14. Rebecca Casey says:

    Valentine’s Day bunnies…I like it!!

  15. Ann Simpson says:

    Having just moved to Devon I am looking forward to seeing what spring gives in the new garden, an exciting time. 🙂

  16. Gina Snyder says:

    Love, love spring! My fav time of the year! Crocus, hyacinths, daffodils, tulips, dogwoods, ………


  17. Boxing Hares….its weird …they could almost be dancing!!!(Valentine Bunnies in the alternative!!!!!!)
    your blog always cheers me up…Thanx…Jeannette..x

  18. My favourite sign of spring is to watch the blackbirds make a nest in my Yukka the safest place in the garden!
    Julie xxxxxxx

  19. My favourite sign of spring is the butterflies in my belly when I look at my boyfriend when we wander around in the spring sun! Such a romantic time of year! 🙂

  20. It has to be the delicate snowdrops.

  21. Heather Cawte says:

    Waking up in the morning to see sunlight coming through my curtains, instead of greyness!

  22. For me the sign of spring is the soft sunlight shining through the window, flowers blooming and birds chirping in the nests. Thank you for a chance to win.. 🙂

  23. warmer weather

  24. Crocus popping up through the brown grass and leaves I think. I really love everything about Spring except the late snow like we had last year. hahaa Gotta love the mid-west.

  25. love all the work you do

  26. JANET KENNEDY says:


  27. My favourite moment of Spring is the day I walk outside into the field and ‘feel’ that Spring has arrived.
    The bunnies look lovely.

  28. I love the smell of Spring. The March winds seem to blow away the drear of the lingering winter, leaving behind the fresh flowery scent of the lilacs beginning to bloom.

  29. Michele T says:

    There is nothing more special than seeing the crocuses popping up… and usually we still have lot’s of snow in our parts of Canada, so it is almost miraculous and gives me hope that, yes, indeed, after 7 or 8 months, winter’s end is near!!!

  30. Glynis Bunt says:

    Spring, buds, new life and verges of daffodils dancing in the crisp air…..:)

  31. christine harris says:

    Crocus…and bunnies!!!

  32. Heavy wet snowstorms in the Colorado mountains, spring snow is the best!

  33. lorraine bayliss says:

    Has to be the first sign of snowdrops,taking the dogs for an early walk on a cool spring morning is lovely.xxxxx

  34. My favorite sign of Spring are tulips…I just love them! Sweet giveaway!

  35. It has to be a sunny day with daffodils wafting in the breeze!!

  36. I love seeing the crocus peek out and the birds migrating back. Here in snow covered below zero Michigan we will be happy to see any sign of Spring this year!

  37. Janet Marshall says:

    I love the work you do! I cannot wait for the spring flowers and sunshine.

  38. Redbuds in bloom are my favorite sign of spring. The pops of color among the bare trees always lifts my spirits. Thanks for the give away and I hope you will be sharing more pictures of what you are doing for the wedding!!

  39. Jean Becker says:

    Spring brings leaves back to our bare tree’s…

  40. Marcy Mahle says:

    I love the sweet smells of Spring especially of grass as the days start to grow longer.

  41. Dawn Buffum says:

    My favorite sign of spring is the return of the swans. I live in Alaska.

  42. My favorite sign of spring is when the flowers start blooming and the birds come back from the south.

  43. My favourite sign of spring is seeing the wooly baby lambs gambolling about at our local farm. They are so full of the joy of living.

    Thanks for your wonderful blog, magazine and patterns! Best wishes from rural Northamptonshire xxx

  44. Esther blankenzee says:

    My favorite sign of spring is when we can sit outside in THE graden when my father sellebreats his 84 birthday. On 24april.

  45. Linda McD says:

    I love finding the first signs of spring on the trees and shrubs. Those itty bitty tiny buds of green as they first appear are like little jewels of hope after a long cold winter.

    thanks for sharing so many of your wonderful designs with us. I look forward to the emails so keep them coming!

  46. My favorite are the flowers. I live in Florida so there are always flowers but I talking about special spring flowers. Hyacinths, tulips, hydrangeas, and lilies. The little bunny stitchery is so sweet.

  47. Barbara Campbell says:

    Crocus flowers peaking through.

  48. Charlotte Amaro says:

    My favorite sign of spring is when the seagulls return.

  49. saskey-on-sea says:

    laying in bed hearing the first bird song means it wont be long til those bunnies are in my garden nibbles the veggies!

  50. My favourite sign of Spring is the lengthening of the day accompanied by the start of the dawn and dusk chorus and the arrival of carpets of wood anemones and bluebells – flower power.

  51. Warm weather and hanging my washing on the line so it smells fresh when it comes in 🙂

  52. I have a small group of crocus planted very close to my front doorstep. Because they are near the house, the ground is warmer there and they are the first flowers to peep up in the spring. I love seeing their little colorful faces that promise more to come early every spring!

    🙂 Linda

  53. My favourite thing is the arrival of colour. Flowers and birds to liven up the place. Thank you for the chance 🙂

  54. Judy S Koontz says:

    I love when the first crocus start pushing through, even if there is snow; I know that Spring can’t be far behind!

  55. Judy Reed says:

    When the mourning doves start to coo early in the morning I know spring is not far off 😉

  56. Judy Reed says:

    When the mourning doves coo in the early morning I know spring is not too far away.

  57. Snowdrops are my favourite sign of spring, they are usually the first thing to poke their heads through the snow

  58. superstitches says:

    I love it when the trees start to blossom.

  59. My favorite sign of spring is when the snow is finally gone…. and I realize I’m no longer holding my breath and that spring really *has* arrived, and winter really *is* behind me. This winter has been particularly brutal here in Michigan. I will be holding my breath until May, as is typical for my little corner of the world. Luckily I’ve mastered the skill of finding *something* beautiful in every day : )

  60. The first real sign of spring for me is when the blossom comes out, all the other bulb flowers are really winter flowers, often peaking through snow, but when the trees turn pink in April, then you know spring is here

  61. I find myself looking robins & buds on the trees, this lets me know that Spring is in the air.

  62. Corinna Downes says:

    Listening to, and watching the birds gathering twigs for their nests.

  63. Bethany Allie says:

    Tiny green buds on the tree in my backyard.

  64. The return of the Blue Bird and Robin. the Cherry Blossoms in bloom.

  65. Every year I look for the first ROBINS. This year I saw the first ROBINS with their beautiful red breasts, on the first day of January 2014. That can’t be, I said. And I was right. We just survived the FRIGID cold and SIX inches of snow/ice. We are under a winter advisory tonight.

  66. Christine Gibbons says:

    I love to see the crocus’ peeking thru the snow in my neighbours garden. Elizebeth planted them when she first moved in and we both so enjoyed them. She has since passed away and every time I see crocus I think of her. This year I think it will be a while before I see them with all the snow here in Ontario.

  67. My favourite sign is when the snowdrops dare to poke their heads through the cold earth. And, guess what…. They have arrived here in Scotland!!!

  68. Definitely daffodils or tulips, you just cant get any more pure yellow than a daffodil, reminds you of the summer sunshine to come. (hopefully)
    Valentines bunnies! So we can all be as fertile as bunnies!

  69. Crocus peeping through!

  70. Here in Townsville, Nth Queensland, Australia, we don`t have definite seasons, it is just really really hot, hot hot hot, mildly hot, or warm. How lovely it would be to see spring bulbs. You know the season is changing by the gum trees and tea trees starting to flower along the roads in the country. That`s the time I love.

  71. I think my favorite sign of Spring is when I see tips of green sprouting up through the snow. I know it won’t be long before I see bits of golden yellow, purples and white crocus peeping out of the ground. Right now we are under Thank you for the cute and lovely mice!

  72. Snowdrops….and a few little catkins on the hazel tree outside my window

  73. I love to see the little stems of the crocus.

  74. Erica Fletcher says:

    Here in Spain the Campo produces the most amazing displays of colouful, vivid wild flowers which heralds the arrival of Spring. Love your blñg and magazine by the way

  75. Love to see the first sign of spring when all the bulbs start flowering’ Especially love the splash of colour that daffodils brings

  76. My favorite first sign of spring is to get up in the morning and not have to bundle up while making the coffee because the house is warmer!
    On the outside watching the buds on the camelia bushes finally open and share their beauty with me.

  77. Angelia L. says:

    Some of my favorite signs of spring are….the large Bradford Pear tree in our front yard is covered in delicate white blossoms, the forsythia bush’s bright yellow flowers, the birds and their babies returning to my feeders, and the bunnies that live in my back yard come out to play. I love spring! Thank you for sharing!



  79. Kelly Williams says:

    Eastern Bluebirds. We saw one this morning.

  80. I like to wake up and look around and suddenly, mysteriously, everything is a lovely shade of green! The green color is everywhere…all shades from light to dark because every plant, tree, bush and grass has awakened over night. The flowers begin to bloom and show their little faces. Everything is renewed in the beautiful bright light of Spring!

  81. Claire Curtis says:

    Cherry tree Blossom, as I love it! thanks for the chance to winx claire

  82. I love the warmth and freshness of spring air, so welcome after a long cold winter! Thank you for the chance to win this pretty little project!

  83. Signs of Spring? That would be the return of the osprey couples to their nests!

  84. I love the bright days and the daffodils starting to show signs of growth.

  85. Carol Forbes says:

    I know its spring when the green buds start appearing on the willows and the swans arrive and start nest building on the canal across from my home. Love dropping ends of wool near the nest and watching for them becoming part of the nest x

  86. Carol Forbes says:

    I love seeing the catkins on the willow and seeing the swans return to their nest on the canal bank across from our home. I drop ends of wool I have been keeping for them nearby and enjoy looking for the different colours being incorporated

  87. Crocus flowers! They are always the first to come up and they look and smell SO pretty! :o)

  88. The crocus! They just make me smile:)

  89. My favorite first sign of spring is the little crocus’s popping up through the soil under my bedroom window. Nola

  90. Julie hinks says:

    Mulberries…. Lots and lots of mulberries in September to feed our tummies and our hearts. Springtime in Australia ……. Yum !

  91. My favorite sign of Spring is the warm scent of Earth, as she ripens & opens up, ready for new seeds & growth.

  92. I am a rabbit “FREAK” I love them all year, We have a few living in our yard…. The thing that makes me feel like spring, is the sun shinning my window, cool temperatures and jonquils peeking out of the mulch stretching their necks and the sound of the birds around the feeder…… calling out to each other (saying food is here..) I just feel it in my bones…
    Easter and all the fineries….. make easter dresses…. and lots of bunnies……….

  93. Return of the wrens.

  94. Sherry Kane says:

    My favorite sign of Spring is the spring blubs ! And don’t forget the sunshine!

  95. What an absolutely adorable giveaway- just wonderful! Spring is sprung when the daffodils and tulips start appearing!!

  96. I love the dewy sunny mornings creeping out of winter. Still a little chill in the air but enough sun to tell you spring is coming followed by summer!! Yay.

  97. Snowdrops are my favourite flower and I love it when the first one opens in the garden, but it is still winter at that time so I would say my favourite sign of Spring coming is the sprouting bulbs around the garden and when the pink buds show on the cherry trees then Spring is truly just around the corner. Thanks for this adorable giveaway opportunity. The thread keepers or bobbins are gorgeous – such a lovely idea.

  98. Chris Dickinson says:

    Suddenly the blackbird & his hen are more active & 2 robins are singing sweetly in opposite trees & I now know there isn’t that long to wait for my daffs – a sure sign of spring.

  99. Hi I’m enjoying the birdsong in the mornings as I walk to work as it is now starting to get light earlier . Happy sewing xx

  100. Love your blog. My favorite sign of spring is green grass.

  101. Green grass.

  102. What a sweet giveaway! My favourite first signs of spring are the flowers in my garden – daffodils, grape Hyacinths and other pretty bulb flowers. 🙂

  103. Nancy of IN says:

    Crocus poking through the ground, many times it’s through the snow!!

  104. I love the first small crack in the ground with just the tip of a crocus poking out. And the Robins of course. I know then that Spring is on its way.

  105. diane brides says:

    Oh my favorite sign of spring is the wonderful smell of the earth getting ready to pop up all the wonders God has created!!

  106. Debby Hughey says:

    Daffodils and sitting on my porch swing!

  107. The new red leaves on the eucalypt trees. As the weather warms up every species of eucalypt tree has a growth spurt. The new leaves are always a reddish colour making the trees look as if they are covered in red blooms. As the leaves mature they turn greenish and the buds start to appear & the real flowers develop.

  108. Just this morning, I saw my first snowdrops, so Spring must be on the way!
    And thanks for the sweet giveaway to help celebrate!

  109. Christa Dunn says:

    I love when I start seeing the flowers begin to bloom! (Not to mention the weather getting warmer!) thanks!

  110. Sarah Smith says:

    My favorite sign of Spring, is when the thousands of acres of Almond trees, in the Central Valley of California, drop their white petals. The wind and passing cars stir them up, and it looks like snow as they fall back to the ground!

  111. Hearing birds,birds,birds,birds and more birds!

  112. Lindo demais!
    Minha música é:April love

  113. I heave a patch of cowslips. When I see their first delicate nodding heads I know spring is here x

  114. My favourite sign of Spring are crocuses, peeking out of the snow. :o)

  115. colleen moir says:

    I just love how you can create something new and fresh like these bunny Valentines!
    I love the first opening of buds on my peach tree, telling me winter is ending.

  116. Spring is a time for thinking about the warm summer days and sewing just because you can

  117. Mopsy Forsee says:

    We live in Birmingham, Alabama, a couple of blocks away from a metro nature preserve–Ruffner Mountain. In the spring you can see a lovely green haze over the mountain. We can practically hear the leaves popping out of the trees, so full of light and such a change from the neutral tones of winter.

  118. The Very Best is when the weather gets warm and I can spend time outside in the Sun. Thank you for the chance to win this wonderful giveaway. Love these darling Valentine mice. Thank you so much.

  119. Minta Fung says:

    The very tips of green when the bulbs start to peek out of the ground.

  120. I love the birds that are coming back for Spring and summer in California…we have hummingbirds and the Golden finches now. They are a constant source of amusement for us.
    Love your creativity!

  121. Jane Thomas says:

    Robin red breasts!

  122. Most springs I look forward to the return of the hummingbirds, but this year I have had 2 winter over, which I have been careful to keep feeding, so this year I will look forward to the new spring green leaves on all the trees. Thank you for your lovely patterns.

  123. I like the crocus and daffodils. I can’t wait for warmer weather. It has been so cold this winter here in Minnesota.

  124. The very first snowdrops and, being greedy, the first rhubarb shoots!
    Love your designs.

  125. Crocuses popping up through the snow is the very first sign of spring you will see where I live in North Canton, Ohio. It always makes me smile to see the bright purple and yellow against the stark, white snow. I know then that spring is not far away.

  126. I love seeing the catkins on the trees and the leaves on my daffodils as they start to grow !

  127. Sue Barrick says:

    I love to see the snowdrops appearing. Thank you for the chance to win x

  128. When the ‘happy bird’ flies back here from the south – she’s got the most cheerful song and happens to start singing it when I need to get up around 6 a.m.! Perfect ‘alarm clock’ and such a delightful way to start my day!

  129. Bã©Atrice says:

    Since my childhood, I feel the spring with daylight, the songs of birds and the smell of the earth between the rows of vines. I live in Burgundy

  130. Karen Kauffman says:

    My favorite sign of Spring is seeing crocus starting to pop up through the snow! A real welcome sight when the groundhog has seen his shadow!

  131. Debbie Fletcher says:

    My favourite sign of spring is seeing the birds starting to nest in the trees outside my craft room

  132. Love the valentine bunnies, I can feel spring in the air when the birds start to nest build

  133. Kitra Woodall says:

    Thank you for all your creativity Helen and I am wishing you speedy fingers to finish all off your wedding stitching in time 🙂 A sure sign of spring to me here in Northeast Ohio is when the crocuses pop their purple blooms up from the then barren ground. It may frost a time or two or even snow, but once they make their apperance it is a sure sign that spring is on it’s way 🙂

  134. Shari Witt says:

    Hello Helen! I love your blog and doggie news! My favorite thing about spring is when the robins return from the south, and their lovely songs. (I’ve heard that American Robins are actually thrushes). My daughter’s name is Robin!

  135. the gorgeous frilly pink and white blossom on the trees at the entrance to the flats where I live. Especially when the sun also shines on it!

  136. The flowers and birds of course. Good luck everyone.

  137. Rhonda Reed says:

    Congratulations on the upcoming wedding!! I love the greens of spring – so fresh and new! Thank you for your blog – it is always a treat.

  138. Cheri Hage says:

    Well, this year the sign of Spring we are most looking forward to is the melting of ice and snow !! (Indiana, USA) Under normal circumstances, I adore the snowdrops that valiantly push through the snow and bloom 🙂 And it’s not officially Spring until a Robin is seen on your own patch of lawn.
    I enjoy following your fun and news-y blog. Best wishes on the upcoming wedding. Don’t sweat the pre-wedding “to-do” list of projects. If some decor isn’t completely done, at the end of the day, they’ll still be married 🙂

  139. Big fat robins and daffodils.

  140. Virginia Joyce says:

    I love seeing the robins flying all around.

  141. I love the hint of green on the weeping willow trees that is the first sign of spring.

  142. The Sunshine! warm, sunshine. I type that as I am looking out my window at the deep snow! my favorite signs of spring…warm sunshine, and warmer temps 🙂

  143. The Daffodils are late this time as we haven’t had enough rain here in CA! But they are starting to come out and as soon as they bloom I know that spring is here!! Now if we could just have some good rain for about a week I would be doing the happy dance!!

    Hugs, Jan G.

  144. Tulips! Several malls and gardens in the area plant them in several colors, and they last for too short a time.

  145. Oh, Helen, the first sighting of the dark blue baby crocus and the Bright yellow Forsythia beside my driveway tells me Spring is close, and the dogs and I can start walking in the park again! Love the Nunnies.

  146. Heather Miles says:

    I work with a steel manufacturing shop and our steel yard is fenced in. A sign of spring is the bunnies that live under our steel beams safe and sound from predators because of the fence.

  147. The birds singing. I can lay in bed in the early morn’ and they start their daily party, just singing their beautiful tunes for the day. As they busy themselves throughout the yard starting to make their homes where they were last season. Then I know Spring has arrived for soon we will notice even more of beauty that follows those fine daily tunes of music to our ears!!!

  148. apple blossom says:

    love the flowers that pop up all over

    ABreading4fun [at] gmail [dot] com

  149. Thanks for the giveaway!

    Aunque en mi país no tengamos primavera, me encanta ver como en los países que lo tienen lo disfrutan y los significados que las personas comentan acerca del tema.

    Costa Rica

  150. While all the signs of spring are lovely and I look forward to the milder days ahead I think my favorite it that change of warmth and climate in the air is my favorite. The change that is so hard to fully describe but the one that everyone comments on. It is the promise of the new season!

  151. Kim Lantis says:

    I love all things Spring. My favorite color is Spring. I guess my most favorite thing is hearing all my little birdies back to visit.

  152. What I love about Spring, Flowers, flowers..

  153. The most beautiful sign of spring that I can think of is when all the animals on the ranch start having their babies … chickens .. alpacas … sheep … goats … cows … pigs … it is the most precious, priceless time to go wondering around the land.

  154. Jaqueline says:

    My favourite sign of Spring is when the Jonquils start appearing in the neighbourhood gardens. Spring cannot be far away!

  155. My favorite sign of spring is the first sighting of a daffodil!

  156. mine is the birds in my garden the blackbirds are flying around chasing off other males and the blue tits are popping in and out of each bird box trying to decide which box will be their des res for the baby season! i could watch them for hours.

  157. Some tête a tête’s have opened and their little heads standing proud in my garden. Not only is the yellow very cheerful but brightens the darkness in the garden.

  158. Linda Gowlett says:

    My favourite signs of Spring …Is the smell of the frost leaving the ground. I also love the buds coming out on the trees. I love the chatter of all the birds…because I can stay outside longer and listen.. love it all just the birth of the new season : everything wakes up and comes to life. How can you not love the signs of Spring… Springing to life.

  159. What a lovely giveaway. Your newsletter always brings a smile, so uplifting and full of wonderful ideas. Thankyou. When I see the snowdrops appear this to me is the first sign of spring and puts a spring in my step. x

  160. Favorite thing about Spring ? The early signs of fresh new flowers , the new buds on the trees and the smell in the air of a new Beginning !!

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