Little Knitted Rabbits – and some mud!

by Helen on February 10, 2013

A week or two ago Townie Husband told me he thought that everyone who read my blog and looked at my photos must think that Devon is all blue skies and sunshine.  This certainly isn’t the case.  But I don’t think mud and grey skies make very cheerful photos so I don’t normally take my camera outside on grey days (even though I would have plenty of opportunities).   I thought that maybe I should show some gritty (or muddy) reality though – so when I went outside this morning to photograph my little knitted rabbits I turned around and took a picture of our garden ….. 


Yes, my two naughty newfies have turned the bottom end of our lawn into a mudslide!  This morning Daisy dashed outside, skidded and landed on her nose in the mud!  She thought this was great fun and promptly hurled herself into it again!  But I know who has caused most of the problem….


 With his big flubbery paws chasing his baby sister round and round the garden!  She’s just out of shot in this photo and I think they were both about to pounce on that sadly bedraggled toy you can see in the foreground.  Sadly for them, I am a bit of a spoilsport and have closed the gate at the bottom of the steps to give the ground time to dry out a little.  And now for the little knitted bunnies – a family of four … 

Little Knitted Bunnies

Hand knitted by me from Debi Birkin’s lovely pattern.  But I have given this batch little cotton frocks – all apart from Blossom who was late home from her ballet class and had her photo taken wearing her pretty tutu!  They’re all now seeking adoption by kind new owners, and you can find them listed in my Etsy shop.  Just CLICK HERE to visit.


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