An exciting afternoon at Aune Valley

Today was the first fete of the season – at Aune Valley near Loddiswell.  But this was to be no ordinary fete, oh no.   Aune Valley is a local farm shop, so the emphasis was on local produce – beautifully displayed in a marquee festooned with bunting and balloons ……

Aune Valley Fete

We arrived early, so I was able to take these photos – just half an hour later and the marquee was packed.  I am very fond of  our local fruit juices – and rather like fruit scones too!

Aune Valley Fete

I love a savoury cream tea – soured cream and chilli jam from the South Devon Chilli Farm, whilst Rosie was very taken with the idea of presenting cup cakes in icecream wafer cones ..

Aune Valley Fete

 But the most exciting part of the day was yet to come ….. 

Aune Valley Fete

 Here to judge the children’s cake competition – and open the new Farm Shop cafe was the very famous …..

Aune Valley Fete

 …. star of the Great British Bake Off – MARY BERRY!!!  Her space was reserved …. 

Aune Valley FeteSo while we awaited her arrival we sat on a sunny slope overlooking the valley and nibbled on some handmade fudge 

Aune Valley

And then Mary arrived.  She was so pleasant and friendly, stopping to talk to lots of people and sign copies of her books too.  

Aune Valley Fete

 Looking just as lovely as she does on TV.  Altogether  a very exciting afternoon!  


  1. I read your facebook before reading this post.
    Looks like you had the most wonderful time this afternoon.
    She looks a lovely lady I saw a documentary on tv on her few weeks back.
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  2. What a fab afternoon! Looks like you had a lovely time ! And well Mary Berry……..she’s just THE most amazingly lovely lady!! Xxxxx

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