Ben’s birthday walk …

Printable Birthday Bunting

Note:  This is the printable birthday bunting that I’m giving away with the May issue of the Bustle & Sew Magazine on Thursday.

Here at Coombe Leigh we are all very patriotic – and would like to wish everyone a very happy St George’s Day.  But as far as one member of the family is concerned, 23rd April is very important for quite a different reason!  No, not Shakespeare’s birthday (though it is), but Ben’s birthday – the big fellow is SIX today!!  And so, in honour of this very special event, we went on an especially favourite walk this morning.  Luckily the day dawned fine and bright ….

Ben's Birthday Walk

 We parked at the top of the hill opposite Salcombe in the little car park at East Portlemouth.  The view is amazing – right across the estuary and as far as Dartmoor in the distance on a clear day.  But I wasn’t allowed to linger – my two furry friends were keen to set off …

Ben's Birthday Walk

 Down, down, down – the path through the woods … can you see the impatient black shapes just disappearing around the bend in the path?  I hope they’ve remembered that we’ll have to climb up again at the end of the walk!

Ben's Birthday Walk

 Hmmmm … which way shall we go – beach only – I think!

Ben's Birthday Walk

 Here we are – and nobody else in sight.  A private beach for Ben on his birthday!  The newfies rush ahead of me now ….

Ben's Birthday Walk

 Anxious to dive into the water!  This is a lovely safe sandy beach that shelves very gently so is ideal for Daisy to practise her swimming skills.  Ben pretends he doesn’t know her!

Ben's Birthday Walk

 There’s a stream to paddle in too.  Lovely cool fresh water – nice and clean too – great for thirsty canines!

Ben's Birthday Walk

 What a wonderful walk – we came back across Mill Bay and turned up the steps to East Portlemouth at the Venus Cafe… we didn’t stop for an icecream today though.

Ben's Birthday Walk

And the steep climb back to the car.

Happy Birthday Ben!


  1. Happy birthday to Ben!!!
    I love this video!!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. It’s my Birthday today too, though I am 70 years young… loved watching the little video. many moons ago we lived at Combe Martin so it brought back happy memories. love following your blog.

  3. Happy Birthday Ben. Did you have a special doggy birthday cake? I remember you had special ride on a bus last year!
    Julie xxxxxx

  4. Happy Birthday to Sweet Ben! Such a wonderful special day in a lovely place!
    Wow, Daisy is getting so big now! Love the video!

  5. Happy Birthday Big Ben!! Looks lovely there and I loved the video!

  6. Happy Birthday, Ben! What a lovely walk and beautiful beach! A perfect day for a birthday!
    X Linda

  7. Happy Birthday Ben !!! Always enjoy seeing Ben and Daisy…thank you for sharing!!

  8. Brenda B says:

    Ben appears to be very happy on his birthday along with Daisy. Enjoy your day and thanks for the video. It is beautiful there.

  9. Happy Birthday, Ben! What a lovely birthday walk on a beach of his own! Why is it dogs always feel the need to shake-shake-shake off the water whilst standing RIGHT NEXT TO US?

  10. Stephanie says:

    Hi Helen, Happy Birthday to Ben! That looks like such a beautiful walk for both humans and newfies. Daisy is so cute, and looks small next to her big brother. She’s catching up though! Thanks for the lovely video! Stephanie x

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