Dark winter mornings

I remember dark winter mornings when Rosie was at school and I was working full time.  Townie Husband would leave the house first, clattering down the steps, briefcase in hand, while I was busy packing sandwiches, locating homework and trying to apply mascara all at the same time!    Now times have changed and, while I still wake early from habit, during the winter I have the luxury of remaining in bed a little while longer while it’s still dark outside, and often do a little stitching whilst listening to the early morning radio.  (This doesn’t happen in the summer as Ben is always keen and eager to start his day with an early morning walk).

I’ve been working on a new hand embroidery project for this month’s magazine and, as it involves stitching fur, I’ve had my camera to hand so I can take photographs of the stitching to show the different steps involved.  In a silly mood this morning, I snapped the view from my pillow …

Mice are Nice wip

.. my countryside quilt is partly covered by granny’s eiderdown – it’s been very chilly here for the past few nights.  There’s my sewing tin, the one that used to belong to my mother’s mother, and my stitching – featuring some lines from Rose Fylman’s lovely poem “I think mice are nice!”  And here’s a close-up of the first completed mouse ….

Mice are Nice wip

I found a panel of vintage eiderdown fabric on eBay and am stitching onto that – much more interesting than plain white or cream for this design I think, as I have chosen a very limited colour palette for the actual embroidery.  Following advice from one of Helen Stevens’ books, I have added a thin line of back stitch in dark brown along the bottom of his tail which really does give it a nice 3D effect.  I need to add some shading below his body I think, but plan to do this at the end so I can work out how to place the lines taking the other mice into account.  

Finally – I just have to share this photo with you … it’s Daisy making her first expedition into our garden.  She looks so serious and determined, and is also growing very fast, having increased her bodyweight by a third from 12 to 18 lbs in just one week!!  But then she is eating as much as Ben …..

Daisy in the Garden


  1. Yes I remember those type of mornings very well until the day all three boys went down with Chicken Pox together, and thats another story!
    The stitching looks interesting!
    Aaaaaaaw! Daisy is so cute.
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  2. What an adorable, erm, mouse! Truly, I love the mouse and will get the B&S it’s in to stitch for myself…And Wee Daisy is adorable, too! Do you brush her often in the day? I would think such an active lady would need her tresses tended to many times throughout her schedule. I was looking at the photo of she and Ben in the sand-whew! That’s got to be a job when you get home! They’re both so beautiful.

  3. I love your mouse…he has beautiful fur and an amazing tail. Very realistic! I’m looking forward to seeing the completed project.
    Thank you for sharing the treasured sewing tin. How lucky you are to have it in your keeping! I have hopes of passing on my sewing things to a receptive granddaughter as I’m certain my son has no interest.
    I’m amazed how much Daisy has grown…not only in size but in demeanor. She’s going to be a handful…for both you and Ben!
    X Linda

  4. I’m impressed that you get down to your sewing so early, that will be how you achieve so much. I go back to bed after letting Ruby our first thing and drink a cup of tea while reading blogs and emails, but I don’t think I could keep upright enough to sew, I keep slithering down the bed. Perhaps it’s my slithery pyjamas that are the culprit! Daisy looks so cuddly, but I bet she needs a lot of maintenance, brushing and de-twigging.

    • Hi Amanda I know what you mean about slithering – even though my pyjamas are just cotton, I do have to position my pillows very carefully to ensure an upright position can be maintained!! xx

  5. Ahhh yes love comfy beds in the cold dark morn with the fire going!! A few more ZZZZ’s and then it is up for Tea!! My fave is Earl Gray!!! Love the “New” Mouse!! Can’t wait for your Birthday E-zine to get here!! Daisy reminds me of my Flintlock!! So small but getting very very big so quick!!! And that was 4 years ago!!!


  6. lyn lewis says:

    What a cutey she is and I love the mouse too, the deisgn looks smashing

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