Pawley Ben and Name that Newf!!

by Helen on March 7, 2013

Today is the first day of Crufts Dog Show (Did you know that in 1951 Hollywood came to Crufts when MGM introduced the Lassie Cup for the best rough collie?!)  

In this second (and final) all doggy-post honouring this great canine event  I’m going to hand you over to Daisy who has a competition for you (this one’s just for fun – sorry no prizes!)   But before I do … I must tell you – she is in DEEP DISGRACE (she doesn’t care a bit!).  Poor Ben is injured and I feel bad too.

A couple of days ago he went very quiet and just lay in his corner resisting all our attempts to entice him out to play.  Then, when I went to rub his ears and chin (which he usually loves) he cried.  So I phoned his least favourite place, loaded him into the car, and we set off to see the vet.  After looking in his ears (clear), taking his temperature (normal), our lovely vet started to manipulate his head.  Well, I nearly cried too – Ben was in such pain.  And the diagnosis – he has sprained a muscle in his neck.  But why, you may ask, do I feel bad and Daisy is disgraced? 

BenGet well soon Ben!  

Ben is allowed off-lead exercise while he mends, so later I took them both to the woods.  Then the penny dropped …. Daisy has a habit of launching herself at him in excitement when we set out, and hanging onto his collar for a few paces before he (seemingly effortlessly) flicks her off.  Of course now she is a lot heavier (44 lbs) and I guess the flicking is not quite so effortless any more, so  I think that must be how he hurt his neck.  (I should have realised, I feel bad)   The good news is that he will heal by himself in 2-3 weeks with no permanent damage and needless to say Daisy won’t be allowed to do that to him in future.  Meanwhile he isn’t in such pain any more as he has a supply of dog painkillers and is happily wandering around in dog cloud-cuckoo land feeling very mellow indeed! 

Now, while Ben is resting I’ll hand you over to that naughty Daisy for her quiz ….. 

Daisy at 14 weeks

 Hello to you all!  Today I am delighted to present to you my new quiz – NAMETHATNEWF!!  

Let’s get started!  Your first question for 10 points is …….. Whose are these paws?


 Next for a bone-crunching, biscuit-munching 15 points – whose nose is whose? 


Now an easy-peasy one – just remember wonky is funky!! Whose tails are these? Just 5 points on offer here…


 And the final question … for a massive 375 points …. and counting – what did I have for dinner last night? (note from Mum: the little monster was a bit bored of being photographed by this time so decided to grab the camera between her sharp little puppy teeth!) 


 Answers in my next post.  And I promise not to devote a whole post to dogs again for a while – unless a Newfie wins at Crufts of course!!


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