Ben and Daisy at Lannacombe….

On the beach at Lannacombe

On the beach at Lannacombe … another of Rosie’s photos of Ben & Daisy at the beach.  This one’s just crying out for a caption, but I can’t think of one… can anyone else?


  1. I am not going to learn to swim till the summer, it far too cold to go into the sea this time of year!
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  2. Daisy: Big Brother Ben is all that water really our “Swimming Hole?”

    Ben: Yes Little Sis it is all ours, but we do share with Mum!


  3. Sharing Black Pearls of Wisdom?
    A Dogs Life’s a Beach?

    Just ideas. I am a cat person, so dog captions are not my thing.

  4. Can’t think of one either, but it’s a very lovely photo…

    X Linda

  5. Thanks all, I love this one cos it shows Ben being a proper big brother and watching over his baby sister

  6. Big Dog, Little Dog. haha!

  7. Kim Leavens says:

    Not to worry Little One..I’m here for you !!!

  8. “Yes little one. You still have much to learn.”
    This is a fantastic photo! I love that they are in silhouette. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Thanks, you are all much better at this than me!

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