Summer snaps (part one)

by Helen on July 30, 2012

At last summer has arrived …. and I’ve been feeling a bit snap-happy with my phone.  My contract recently ended and so I was able to upgrade to an iPhone at last – I’ve been wanting one for ages, and  am amazed at how much it can do.  I even have an app that measures how far Ben and I walk on our expeditions – and tells me how many calories I’ve used (depressingly few – am sure it’s not registering all the hills there are to climb around here!). 

The camera quality seems to be very good – at least for online viewing.  I took my new phone to Blackdown Rings …. 

Blackdown Rings

And also on a walk up the hill and through the fields that surround our village …. 

Cornfield, Chillington

..the wheat is ripening beautifully after all that rain swelled the grain … 

Sheep, Chillington

.. and this year’s lambs are growing strong and fat – as big as their mothers now.

Then, when I returned home, I had a silly idea.  I’m forever spotting youngsters holding their phones in the air and posing for their own pictures.  “Come here, Ben,” I said, “let’s try for ourselves.”  So we sat on the top step of the old stone stairs leading up to the garden.  The first difficulty was that when we’re sitting Ben’s head is about 6″ higher than mine.  So I had to sort of grab onto him and pull his head towards mine. (Please ignore the expression on my face – trying to position 160 lb dog and hold phone up in the air is enough to concentrate on without remembering to smile as well!) 

Newf Photo 2!

The second difficulty was that he was not feeling very co-operative …. Newf Photo! (2)

And this is how it ended as I disappeared beneath his furry weight. The moral … never try to pose close up with a newf!!


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