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The Bustle & Sew Magazine is simply the nicest way to build your collection of Bustle & Sew patterns and it’s a jolly good read too!  Subscribe now to receive your first two issues for just $1 – and a lovely free gift too!

flowerAre you like me? Do you have a hidden fabric stash tucked away in cupboards and drawers? (though mine’s not very hidden after it fell out of my cupboard onto poor Ben’s head!)

flowerbWould you like some lovely ideas to help you use it to create new and wonderful projects that friends and family will be queuing up to take possession of?


Do you enjoy baking, all kinds of crafting and reading about other inspirational makers too?

If so, you’re sure to enjoy my Bustle & Sew Magazine. It’s a monthly digital magazine emailed direct to your inbox on the last Thursday of every month as a normal pdf file that’s quick and easy to download and print – or to enjoy on your mobile device if you prefer.

Every month in the magazine

Every month the magazine contains SIX original Bustle & Sew designs (not all of which will be later made available for individual purchase, but will remain exclusive to magazine readers).  Techniques and projects include hand and freestyle machine embroidery, applique, softies as well as being packed full of additional articles and features including “Meet the Maker”, baking and recipes, home and lifestyle features, best of the web and so much more.

Here’s a peep between the covers of this month’s issue 

Why should I subscribe, rather than purchase individual copies of the Bustle & Sew Magazine?

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  • You’ll receive a substantial (40%) discount on the price of individual magazines.  Subscribers receive an amazing value price of just $7.50 each month (so each magazine costs just $1 (around 70p) more than the price of an individual pattern).  And when you take advantage of this special offer the savings are even greater as you’ll receive your first two issues and your joining gift too for just $1!*
  • Your magazine is delivered to your inbox on the last Thursday of every month as a pdf file which can be easily and quickly saved to your computer, ready to print and use whenever you wish.
  • You’re protected from all future price rises – your subscription will ALWAYS remain the same, it will NEVER increase – that’s my promise to you
  • Subscribers receive a 50% discount voucher for future digital purchases from the Bustle & Sew store
  • We’ll send you our 2017 Spring Collection digital book as our special welcome gift to you


Activate your membership today and receive over $40 worth of Bustle & Sew goodies for just $1 including our new Spring Collection above!!

Whether you’re just starting out or an experienced stitcher, whether you want to make a gift for your granny, a welcome present for a new baby, or something just for you, then you’re sure to find a project you love inside the covers of the Bustle & Sew Magazine.  And don’t forget we’re more than just another sewing magazine – though sewing is at the heart of every issue, we also include recipes, lifestyle features and much more besides, celebrating everything we love about life, and hope you do too!

Here’s what some current subscribers have to say about the Bustle & Sew Magazine ….

clipPinCushiontinyHelen, I had to write to say, “I am in love with your magazine.” This is the only magazine I have found where ALL the projects and info are to my taste. This is only my second issue, but I’m sure all future publications will be great. As I am ‘into’ mice at the moment, I am loving making the little mice.. Thank you so much, Cheryl

clipPinCushiontinyYour  issues are my go to whenever I run out of ideas. I love to pick them up and flick through them. Sheer Heaven.   I would happily pay twice for them , yes that is how good I think your magazine is. Thank you for letting us all share your love of sewing and giving us all such wonderful inspiration.  Wanda

clipPinCushiontinyJust opened my latest issue of Bustle and Sew, and am delighted with every page. Even if I never were to sew a stitch, I would enjoy reading the magazine because it is “eye candy.” You are so very talented! Susan xx

clipPinCushiontinyHi Helen, I just wanted to say how much I love all the new patterns this month, I just dont know how you find the time to put everything together month after month to keep us in anticipation for the following month. It must be a full time job, and I have been with you ever since the first issue. Maria

If at any time during your subscription you feel that the Bustle & Sew Magazine isn’t for you, then you can cancel your membership AND keep your free gifts as my way of saying “thank you” for trying out my magazine. However, I do hope you’ll enjoy it and decide to continue with your subscription. If so, then you need do nothing and your membership will continue be billed at just $7.50 each month. Again you can cancel at any time after this without any penalties – just drop me an email and let me know (there’s no need to explain why) and I’ll simply remove your details from my list.  You are completely in control of your own subscription.

Just a couple more subscriber comments:

clipThreadstinyWow! I have put off having the magazine as I thought it may be like a few others I have had, but no, WOW is all I can say! I am snowed in and just subscribed to your magazine. I can’t wait to start some projects, so if any one is like me putting off subscribing, all I can say is DON’T the magazine is GREAT, thank you Helen. One very happy new subscriber. Debbie

clipThreadstinyI just received my magazine and had to write and tell you that I LOVE everything in it. I think this may be your best issue yet (and that’s saying something). Thank you so much! Sherryl

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I hope I’ve answered all your questions and possible concerns about subscribing and I do hope you’ll decide to try the Bustle & Sew Magazine for yourself. If there’s anything else you’d like to know, then please do email me using the contact page on this website.

Very best wishes


* if you enjoy the Bustle & Sew Magazine and would like to continue receive it then you need do nothing – your subscription will automatically continue and you will be charged the regular monthly rate of $7.50 when your three months trial offer has expired.  If you decide our magazine isn’t for you, then you can simply cancel your subscription at any time – there’s no hidden charges and no minimum subscription period.