It’s only advertising ….

It’s only advertising …. but I love it!!

This year’s Christmas Ad from John Lewis – simply magic. 


  1. I love it too
    Jackie d

  2. Kathleen Robertson says:

    Oh goodness this brought a tear to my eye, it’s another winner, lovely.

  3. Me too! But… who or what is John Lewis?! Thanks!

  4. Wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    X Linda

  5. Very cute.

  6. That is so cute. Thanks for sharing Helen, I don’t get to see the British ads as I live in Canada now, but there is always one or two that make you smile or make you feel warm inside.

  7. Ooooh! I love it too! It is the only ad we don’t switch from! I thought it was M&S – clearly my mind was on the cute little story and not on who’s ad it is LOL.

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