July Magazine Video …

Somebody said I should put my magazine on YouTube – so I have.  Even though being English I find it all terribly embarrassing …….


  1. I love it Helen, and you sound wonderful!!! Thank you for all your inspiration that you share with us!!


    • Thanks Jan, it’s always odd to hear yourself speak, and I’m not the best at it! Xxx

      • I know Helen, I feel the same way every time I hear myself on the answering machine or the voice mail!! “Is that really how I sound!!!” 🙂 LOL

  2. Once again, an outstanding magazine Helen! I love the new additions and look forward to trying the new patterns. Just don’t know which one to start first!
    X Linda

  3. Barbara Timaru NZ says:

    Super idea , all the best for your continued inspiration for us felloe stitchers to enjoy.
    Barbara Timaru NZ

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