It rained on my party…..

Yes, it rained on my party!  It was sunny the day before, and (mostly) the day afterwards.  Everyone started arriving at about 4 pm, and by 5 pm we’d all retreated indoors.  But …. despite (or maybe because of) the weather, it was a very good party (even though I say so myself!).  I meant to take lots of photos to show, but completely forgot to do so … all I can share is a picture of the buffet table – and even that is covered up to protect it from floating newfie-hair!  But I’ll show you anyway:

partyweekend 005

 Possibly one of the least exciting pictures I’ve ever shared!  Much nicer is this shot of the beautifully cheery sunflowers Rosie brought for me .. 


 In a vintage enamel jug in the perfect position on the turn of the stairs.  One of my party guests was my friend Carolyn who is expecting a baby daughter in November.  She lives in Dubai, but is back in England for a few weeks, visiting friends and family.  I’ll be going to visit her there towards the end of the year and want to make a quilt for her baby to take with me.  So while she was here, I asked her to select some fabrics from my stash  as I’d like her to have exactly what she wants and also I don’t want to spend a lot of time making something she won’t like.  Here are her choices ….. 

partyweekend 010

 They’re not a selection I would have picked – but they work really well together I think – clearly Carolyn has an eye for colour.  She’d like lots of white too, and a modern pattern with (sob) no embroidered details.  And this is where I need a bit of help please.  I’m not an expert quilter (as you know!) and so I wondered if anyone could suggest a modern cot quilt design that you think would work well with these fabrics?  And that is not too complicated for me to attempt!  Any suggestions would be very gratefully received!  


  1. Sorry it rained on your party – it rained here too!
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  2. I’m sorry to hear you had rain for your party, but it sounds like there was plenty of sunshine among friends.. This site has a few cute ideas for baby quilts,,,

  3. The Moda site has lots of great baby quilts. When you go to the site, search for baby quilts. When I did the search, 8 pages with 4 on a page came up. I think you’ll find something you would both like.

  4. Valerie says:

    Sorry you got rained out, Helen, but I’m sure it was a lovely party!

    The ‘Zen of Making’ charming young craft lady Haley might have some easy to make quilts on her blog site. She also has a Facebook page. She’s very creative and I love following her blog! She lives in Brooklyn, New York.

    I’m sure it will be beautiful whatever you decide!

  5. Valerie says:
  6. What a shame about your party; we went to a Golden Anniversary party on Saturday afternoon, held in a marquee and the rain bucketed down, so that people were constantly having to poke the roof to get rid of the puddles before they came inside.

  7. Robin Wilkinson says:

    What about a variation on your own Moon Bunny quilt?

  8. How about a Zig Zag with either white contrast or an old fashion bubble gum pink or even a butter show off the color palette..Check out for a picture of what I am talking about..with a white background..

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