Giveaway: Bunny seeking kind new home

Giveaway for Bustle & Sew

 Do you remember my Fuzzypeg softie pattern?  He was such fun to sew that I’ve made another – this time a friendly blue bunny in the softest felted cashmere.  His tummy is Fox Hollow organic cotton, and he has the cutest woolly pompom tail.  But …. he has nobody to love him.  Fuzzy lives here with me, and I don’t have room for another rabbit on my shelf, which means that this little fellow is looking for a kind new home – can you help?

  For the chance to win this little blue bunny please leave a comment below telling me what new softie pattern you’d like to see in the Bustle & Sew softie store.     The winner will be chosen by random selection and I will post worldwide.  The draw will close at midnight BST on Tuesday 21 May.

Good luck everyone!


  1. Please may I give Blue Bunny a home. He will be safe and warm!
    Julie xxxxxxxx

    • Long story as to why I misread this! Tell you about it one day! How about a cat……..
      Julie xxxxxxxxx

  2. Brenda B says:

    Blue Bunny would find some new life-long friends at my house. I have at least one ceramic, metal or glass bunny in every room. Blue Bunny would be content and loved in my home.

  3. JOY SMITH says:

    I would love to see an owl family in your softies. I love the baby owl and all of your mice. The new rabbits are adorable! Thank you for the give-a-way.

  4. Jeannette says:

    I think Bunny would love to come to Wensleydale to taste the cheese…..Re the Softies about a “Hodgeheg”!!! or even a Hedgehog!!! Get those creative juices going!!!
    Cheers Jeannette..x

  5. I’d love to give little blue bunny a home he would get lots of love and cuddles at my house. As for a new softie pattern how about a butterfly I love butterflies they are a firm favourite of mine

    Jackie x

  6. Valerie says:

    Thank you for he opportunity to win Blue Bunny! I would love to see maybe a ‘rubber’ duckie softie, or maybe a piggie, giraffe, sheep. Thanks!

  7. The rabbit is adorable, I would love him (who wouldn’t)

  8. Oh Helen Blue Bunny would love to be sitting on my shelf with all my pals!!! I would love to see a any softie you come up with!! You already have big collection of patterns!! I know have about all of them!! 🙂 Maybe a chicken??


  9. Love your gorgeous Bunny.He’d have a loving home here among my ever growing family.Would love to see a softie pattern for a donkey.Thanks for all your gorgeous patterns.

  10. Raffaella says:

    I would love to see a penguin softie and maybe caterpillar softie too?

  11. I would love to see a “Lambie” ..thank you for the giveaway!! Little Blue Bunny would be very welcome here and would fit in with our menagerie of much loved stuffies!!!

  12. I would love to see a before and after of the “ugly duckling”! Bunny Blue would enjoy the company of several of our bunnies and owls that inhabit our house.


  13. Linda B says:

    Blue Bunny is so beautiful, and he’s my favorite color! I would love to adopt him! Thanks so much for the giveaway!
    A turtle would be a fun stuffie…When I was small, we had a lovely pond where I skated every winter and hunted for turtles and frogs in the summer sun. The turtles were called ‘Painted’ or Sun turtles and would be so pretty with patchwork shells.
    X Linda

  14. Shawn J says:

    Hi Helen, I love your little blue bunny and I know he would love it at my house. You would never have to worry about him as he will be well taken care of. lol It would be nice to see an adorable fuzzy soft fox. I see you have owls which are also my favorite. Thank you for the giveaway.

  15. Chrissie says:

    I believe that Bunny is intrepid. I believe that Bunny is audacious! I believe that Bunny is ready for an adventurous trip to the Wild West of Texas! And I believe that Bunny would really enjoy keeping me company in my stitching nest and look out onto the patio where the pine siskins and purple finches visit my sunflower seed feeders!

    Oh! I also believe a Funny Turtle Fellow would be a wonderful addition to your softie menagerie, Helen.


  16. I vote for a lamb or heck, why not an alpaca? We met a baby alpaca today and it was so sweet! In a really strange kind of way… 😉 Kind of like a fuzzy-wuzzy baby giraffe, all legs and neck.

  17. Everybunny needs a bunny to love. I would like to see you offer a lamb softie.

  18. YES, PLEASE!
    HOW ABOUT LAMBS . . . . .

  19. Melissa says:

    I’ve just stumbled upon your website today. In love with the softies and would love all to come live here in Oz with me!

  20. Ce petit lapin bleu est trop mignon ! Veut-il venir en France ? Je serai heureuse de l’accueillir dans ma maison !
    Bonne journée,

  21. Carmen thomas says:

    Helen, he is just the cutest little guy and would fit perfectly in my little grand daughter’s hands!! But then so would a little penguin 🙂 She collects the softies and loves to sleep with them.

    Carmen in Alaska

  22. marina genovesi says:

    Ciao, il Bluebunny e’ davvero stupendo, magari averlo qui!
    Io colleziono gufi e quindi…….
    Buon lavoro!

  23. Helen Jenkins-Knight says:

    I’d love to see a Fox in the collection please! And would love to give your rabbit a home. I can picture blue bunny cuddling his friends next to my bed! I think he’d be happy there. 🙂

  24. Blue bunny is adorable. I would love to see some softies in chickens and sheep but that might be quite hard so will leave the designing to you and I will just keep making!! love the fabrics you choose and thanks for your hard work.

  25. Oh he’s adorable! I would love to see a pig (my daughter loves pigs) or a gecko/lizard.
    P.S. I cannot get those CAPTCHA codes correct. Here goes try number 4

  26. Oh so sweet, my Daughter would love him for a graduation gift, she had a bunny called Heartbeat when she was a little girl. Not a real animal but how about a dragon softie pattern?

  27. Barbara Colvin says:

    I know badgers have a bad rep, but a badger softie would be fun to make.

  28. Judith Clarke says:

    How about a mermaid

  29. michelle says:

    If I won little blue bunny I would let him live with my 11 month grandson who adores his bunny called chelsea (named after his aunt).but would love a meerkat as its my 5 year old granddaughter best animal.

  30. I have a bit of a thing for giraffe’s so I’d love to see a softie pattern for one of those.x

  31. I would love to see a fox softie! This bunny is so sweet! 🙂

  32. Jackie Mitchell says:

    I would love to see a little softie Scottie dog.

  33. janet mcgregor says:

    I am sure bunny would love to come and live in Farndale on the North Yorkshire Moors. we would give him a super home

  34. Charlotte Amaro says:

    Little Blue Bunny looks like an American to me! She would like to come across the Atlantic to come home to me.
    As for patterns, someone earlier mentioned owls and I think that would be a great addition.

  35. LEE PATTERSON says:

    I love everything you do…….. but I must say I’am a bunny/rabbit fanatic……
    you can never have to many…. people I’m decorated for easter….. no, no, no, its this way year round….. would love more….. thanks for listening…….

  36. Ashleigh says:

    I love the bunny. I’d love to see a dog softie.

  37. Shari Witt says:
  38. What a lovely Bunny! How about a chick, lamb or piglet? `baby` animals are always so cute 🙂

    • I would love to offer the bunny a home, I’m sure he would settle in with the 12 rescue bunnies I already have.
      I would like to see a hedgehog, we have a family of 5 that visit us each night.

  39. My gf would love this. I would like to see a kangaroo

  40. Tracey Ward says:

    Blue bunny would fit into our soft toy loving family very well…even my husband has a soft spot for a cuddly friend…he saw an abandoned teddy bear on a roundabout once and drove back to rescue him from the road…years later we still have him…named roundabout!!!! I’d love to see flower daughter is called Daisy and we collect any daisy related things. Xxx

  41. Blue bunny would be happy here because we love bunnies – have a few in the house already and we lost our dear real holland lop this past Feb. and miss him terribly. He was a house bunny and we all loved him so much!! I would like to see an owl (can’t remember if you’ve made one before) or a piggy. My youngest son (he’s 20) just told me recently that he really likes pigs and I think it would be cute in pink fuzz – or any other color. How’s your leg after Daisy’s antics. I just love, love hearing the continuing sagas of your 2 neufies!!

  42. I think a farm dog.

  43. hi I would love to see a hedgehog pattern.i think they are so sweet.

  44. I would love to see a sheep.
    Blue bunny would have a lovely home in my sewing studio. Would love to win her.

  45. The blue of the blue bunny is my favorite colour. He would be very welcome with my menagerie of soft toys. I would like to see a lion – being a Leo, with a big fluffy mane!

  46. Jennifer Woodward says:

    I would love it if you could design a “Ben” softie! Ohhhhh…I’d be ever so happy to have a Newfie-love softie! Please? 🙂


  47. I would treasure your little rabbit and give him a good proper home here with us. I had a fiber ranch that I had to leave behind. If at all possible I would like to see a pattern for an alpaca. I see lots of sheep, goats and other farm animals. Being that I raised and loved these friendly walking balls of fluff, I have been on the look out for patterns to make them so I may keep a few close to my heart. It has become a challenge to find any. Very few are out there to be had. If you can find the time, I would like to see an alpaca pattern. Thank you for asking us what we would like to see.

  48. Well Helen, I signed up for your e-zine because we raise, show & sell rabbits. Your rabbits & other patterns are beautiful! As far as other “softies” are concerned, although I rarely have the time to sew softies, I would like a dog softie pattern in your shop. We have an Aussie, { hint}, many have dogs they call their children; & I know you love your two big babies! 🙂 Take care, and Thanks!

  49. Angelia L. says:

    Blue Bunny is so adorable! I think he would like join me in watching the wild bunnies that live in my back yard. My husband collects beavers so I would love to see a softie beaver that I could make for him. Thank you!

  50. Blue Bunny is so cute. He should come live with the bears in my bedroom – they would sure make him welcome.

  51. Cute, adorable and would be loved in my home. :o)

  52. Doreen Hegarty says:

    I would love to see a penguin pattern as my daughter loves anything to do with them and I think they’d look good in patchwork colours too! Thanks for the chance to win such a beautiful blue bunny 🙂 x x

  53. Lesley Walker says:

    Good morning, I would love to win the Bunny. As for a new pattern. I think a sheep would be lovely. Blessings

  54. Michele says:

    Another adorable softie, love it! I would love to see a Scottie dog. Thanks for the opportunity.

  55. Helen, it should be a Rooster or hen. If anyone can do one, you can!! My daughter’s idea and she said she hopes we win that Cute rabbit!!!

  56. A little puppy or a giraffe would be cute softies. All of your softies are adorable.

  57. Rebecca Westwood says:

    I would really love to make (and therefore need a pattern) a softie giraffe. My eldest daughter has a real thing about them – however my youngest daughter is desperate to give Blue Bunny a new home and she really will love him!!!

  58. Paula W says:

    Hi Helen, love the bunny. I have been looking around for a sewing pattern for a mole, how about working your magic on a little mole softie?

  59. olivia leary says:

    Come home with me gorgeous little bunny – my little girl will keep you warm and safe!!! I’d love to see a cute, little, soft giraffe! Thank You.

  60. I would love this, of course and I would love to see a baby goose (gosling?) softies.



  61. Oh please do a lamb to keep this dear little bunny company 🙂

  62. Tay Cutchin Satterfield says:

    I would open my door wide for the little blue bunny !! And I would love him forever. I have live pets so he he wouldn’t be lonely.

  63. I love wee bunnies! He would have a good home with me and keep me company in my sewing room. I would like to see a little lamb or an elephant. Thanks!

  64. Michelle says:

    Please can I give the little bunny a home! Many thanks Michelle

  65. Hi, I would love to see your take on a robot softie! And thanks for the opportunity to win the wonderful rabbit, I’m sure my granddaughter would treasure him!

    Kind regards

  66. I would love to see a soft little elephant, or a giraffe. I had a giraffe when I was little, still have a picture of it!. thanks!

  67. The bunny is so cute. Who wouldn’t want to give him a home?
    I’d love to see a pattern for a sweet little kitten.

  68. Oh, dear. My nicely typed message was dropped because I got the captcha code wrong. One more try before I quit. Love your bunny and would like to see a unicorn head like you did with the reindeer (I think it was a reindeer) mounted on a sewing hoop. Wish me luck with capcha.

  69. Tay Cutchin Satterfield says:

    Oh I forgot to tell you I’d like to see an armadillo (“Armi”) since I live in Texas. I also like ladybugs and bumblebees.

  70. Oh, please send this sweet bunny across the pond to my home! He would have a very nice life here in Arkansas with plenty of love! I collect bunnies of all kinds, and he would look so nice–I’d even make him some fabric carrots so he won’t be hungry!

    Sock monkeys are enjoying quite a comeback… maybe a monkey/sock monkey pattern for an installment? 🙂

  71. apple blossom says:


  72. Hi hun, I`d happily rehome him along with my 2 geese softies…. and I`d love to see you make an owl OR a chuckle chicken softie… please 😀 & thank you!

  73. Patricia says:

    How about a Christmas House Mouse? I would love Blue Bunny for my first grandson coming in June!

  74. Howzabout an alpaca – preferably without a spit button – love the magazine and the projects and when I recover from the build up to my second grandchild I’ll be making, making making – we are hoping it will be ab boy so a blue bunny would be good!

  75. A sheep or a different sort of cat.

  76. Michelle S says:

    Your blue bunny is beautiful and it would be very much loved by me. I am enduring another bout of depression – this one has been ongoing for over 2 years and I spend most of my time in bed. Blue bunny would make a wonderful companion.

    I would love to be able to have a pattern to make a cute, eccentric cow with nice spots and maybe horns – a bit like a highland cow – and big enough to cuddle. It might encourage me to get up and do something.

    Thank you for operating your site – I look at it and enjoy your contents.

    Michelle S

  77. Christine Gibbons says:

    I would love to see a lamb softie. A Scotty Dog would be wonderful as well.

    Just love your blog and magazine.

  78. What a beautiful blue bunny, please can I have him to love.
    It would be nice to have a pink cat softie.
    Could you make a pattern of a softie cat too please

  79. Caroline says:

    I know a little girl in hospital who would love Fuzzy. A tortoise softie pattern would be so cool

  80. This sweet bunny can come live with me, what a darling he is! All of your little animals are adorable, I love the mice. A little monkey would be so cute to add to your collection! Thanks for a chance to win.

  81. Hi Helen,
    We would love blue bunny to come and live with us! He would be very much loved and cuddled by my two year old son and new baby due in September. I would like to see a pattern for an elephant softie- maybe an Indian elephant with a patchwork saddle and head dress…

  82. Linda Larson says:

    I would love you to design a pony or horse softie…that would be fantastic, but anything you choose to make is always a hit in our home…

  83. I think he need s to emigrate to the USA. He needs to see more of the world!
    I absolutely miss sheep and lambs out here , so how about a mummy and baby lamb!

  84. Kathi Naegle says:

    That bunny is sooo cute. How about a monkey or a giraffe. My grandkids love both!!! Hope to have the cute little guy at my house soon!

  85. Adorable little bunny would have a good home with my friend who is about to have her first baby. A little lamb would be a perfect companion, cuddly and soft and sweet. Or a long eared puppy. My son had one named Rosie and he loved her so much when he was little. Love all your patterns!

  86. Would love to see a lamb softie pattern added and would make a wonderful home for blue bunny!

  87. Miranda says:

    How about more chickens? Chickens and rabbitsd get along very well together. 🙂

  88. marie-francoise marrec says:

    So cute this blue bunny.
    I’d love to see a cat, a owl
    Thank you for all your frees
    Marie-Francoise in France

  89. Barbara Pricola says:

    I collect bunnies, and I would love to give this adorable bunny a new home! Hmmmm…. a new softy pattern…. What about a really cute squirrel? I love squirrels too.

  90. Bronwen Mark says:

    Beautiful little bunny! I’d love to see a little cat! Thanks for a chance to win the little guy.

  91. Hi thank you for sharing the beautiful bunny. Would love for him to come live in Fl in the sunshine by the ocean. I would love it if you would do mama duck and baby duck, would be so cute.

  92. hi, i’d love an owl pattern. thet are so cute.
    love your bunny. if i get it he’ll join another pink bunny i have.
    they’d make a lovely pair… 🙂

  93. Hilary Sheppard says:

    Fuzzy bunny will be really at home in my little rabbit warren. What I’d like to see in the Bustle & Sew shop is a ‘Nellie’ elephant.

  94. Dorothy Matheson says:

    Awwww Little soft blue bunny. I would love to have him.

  95. Marcy Mahle says:

    I would love to see a very cute yellow beige kitten and also a sweet little doll added to your patterns.

  96. such a cute little bunny! my granddaughter would love it forever if it came to my house! I also think I would love a little donkey pattern. Thanks for the chance at your sweet bunny!

  97. Mary Vogel says:

    I would love to have a pattern of a turtle softie pincushion with maybe a
    Grandmothers Flower Garden Shell. How cute would that be? Blue Bunny would be so happy in my home sitting on my fireplace. 🙂

  98. Esther blankenzee says:


    I love to see a squirle. I love those animals. Your bunny i would like to win, and give him a place in my home. i still want To make a mouse from your pattern.

    With kind regards, esther

  99. Margaret Parks says:

    Dear Helen,
    I love your sweet bunny.
    I love all of the softies. and would love to see a lamb or sheep. I’m mad about lambs)
    You do such great work.

  100. Connie Warner says:

    Hi! Fuzzy the sofffty Bunny would love to travel to the South Texas coastline to live, where it is warm but has cool sea breezes to stay comfy! I think a Softy of a beautiful or spunky Fish with lonnng fins & tail would make a great character— maybe a fancy Goldfish or a Betta (but Not a Nemo!) Thanks for a site full of awesomeness & cuteness!! =)

  101. Stephanie says:

    I love your magazine and blog. I would like to have a pattern of a Scottie Dog or an Armadillo. I would love to win the Blue Bunny. 😉

  102. Oh Helen, heaven would be winning your most wonderful bunny…..

  103. Mary G. says:

    Hmm, I have a spot big enough for him to play while waiting for my 4 yr old granddaughter to visit this summer from Canada. 🙂

    How about a cuddly raccoon? I have been making softies for kids in hospitals and I know a nice cuddly raccoon would be welcomed, too.

  104. linda crosby says:

    Would like to see an Owl softie as a new pattern. As I was just blessed with my 5th grancchild; I am sure that I could find a home for blue bunny to be loved in. Thanks for the chance to win.

  105. Dennis Mullins Sr. says:

    Hi, I would love to give him a new home so he can have all the love he needs. Here he would have lots of friends to sit with. I would love to see a new turtle or maybe a fish. Thanks for the offer.

  106. Hi Helen,

    I love your blue bunny, he’s so cute !
    I’d love to have a pattern of a sheep.
    Thanks so much.

  107. Marilyn says:

    Oh I’d love to cosy in with cashmere soft blue bunny! Have you made a fox softie? I do love foxes, and blue bunnies! Thank you

  108. How about a Sloth? Sloths seem all the rage at the moment and the do have the CUTEST faces ever. A friend of mine even rescued them from a rain forest that was being cut down. They move so s l o w l y that they couldn’t get out of the way in time! A sloth on a branch maybe? Love Norma PS I would adore a cashmere bunny!

  109. donna altieri says:

    No one ever has softies for a hippo. I have a daughter who loves hippos and i would like to make her one. If i win the bunny I’ll keep him for myself!

  110. Blue bunny would be a special part of my bunny family which includes several but no blue ones! Because I’m a Border Collie fan and rescuer I would love to see Border Collie motif in your patterns. Especially since they are so much a part of the wool industry throughout the world and there are so few items that depict them. Love to you and your Newfy !

  111. Ruth Sweeney Flick says:

    I would love to adopt your blue bunny! I would like to see the pattern for a panda bear softie. My granddaughter loves them and we took her to the Atlanta Zoo to see them.

  112. Blue Bunny would love a trip overseas and I would love to see a llama softie.

  113. I love this website! I also love softies toys!
    I would love to see multi ethnic male and female human softies and puppies, kittens, guinea pigs, ponies, monkeys, apes, koalas, pandas and teddy bears softies!
    Blessings! ;-}

  114. Oh my, what a darling little bunny!! My shelf has a vacant spot that would make a great home for him!! As far as a new softie critter pattern, how about a cute little fox?! 🙂

  115. What an adorable bunny , I would love to give her a new home , I promise to take good care of her . How about a lamb , nothing quite as sweet as a baby lamb.

  116. Glenna Denman says:

    What a sweet blue bunny! I would adore his company when the live bunny who comes onto my porch isn’t around. There are so many fun ideas, how about a bluebird – or chickadee. I love birds, and love all your softies. Thanks for this generous offer.

  117. Caroline Holmes says:

    Such a gorgeous bunny!! I would love to see a dog with big floppy ears and doleful eyes!!

  118. I think a lovely soft pink kitten would be the perfect companion for the blue Bunnt.

  119. Chris Johnson says:

    I would love to offer Blue Bunny a home along side his name sake
    Benny Bun, my son who is now a great big 22 years old. As a small person he was always known as Benny Bunny which became adapted to Honey Bunny over the years. He no longer gives out many hugs, but your Beautiful Blue Honey Bunny would rapidly change all that.
    May I suggest a softie giraffe as a new project.
    Chris J

  120. Ha, I never win anything but my daughter was asking for a soft cow toy for my new grandson Zach. So I think a cuddly cow softie would be nice.


  121. oh, das ist so ein süsser hase, der würde meinem enkelsohn sicher gefallen, na vielleicht habe ich glück.
    ich würde gerne einmal eine süsse kleine maus sehen.
    schönes wochenende
    mg elfriede

  122. Regena Fickes says:

    I can only tell you that my 3 yr. old grand, Kate thinks a “gigraffee” is necessary to her eternal happiness. We would so appreciate a softie gigraffee! Thank you

  123. Helen Jane says:

    Hi Helen
    The bunny is fab!!
    I love frogs and toads so maybe a softie pattern of either one of those with a big wide happy smile 🙂
    Helen Jane xx

  124. Barbara Hogson says:

    Hello, how about a baby Giraffe, ahhh he would make a perfect friend for little bunny xx

  125. I would Love to see a Softie Pattern for an OWL…..I Love Owls…..
    I Love all of your Softie Patterns!

  126. Theresa says:

    Your blue bunny would find many REAL bunny friends here at my home! We have lots of wild bunnies around and it is fun to watch them hopping about and dancing together – they really do! As for a new softie, an inchworm would be cute or maybe a ladybug.

  127. I think that the bleu Bunny will like to live in Portugal.
    I live in country, alone, I’m widow.
    My home is calm and it has a little garden to run. There are many friends two dogs, birds, butterflies.
    And I need the kind of this softie.
    My home is yours

  128. As we have many bunnies living in our yard, a new blue one would feel right at home! Perhaps a soft new cat friend would be nice. Thanks for the give away chance.

  129. I would love to see an owl softie pattern. My daughters and i would love to give your little soft blue bunny a loving home xx

  130. It just so happens I am in the need of a blue companion in my sewing room and that it just happens you have Monsieur Blue Bunny needing a new and loving home, I would be delighted to have him sew with me. Thank you for a chance to get him in my home.

  131. Nancy D says:

    There is a adorable blue bunny so I think there should be a adorable Blue Heeler in honor of my Deja Blu 🙂 I would get the pattern for sure!

  132. Bethany Allie says:

    How about a fawn…I just love the textiles you chose for the blue bunny.

  133. Kitra Woodall says:

    I would love to see a puppy pattern offered on your site Helen!! Maybe a Dachshund or maybe a Scottish Terrier would be adorable!! My little girl would love to give Mr. Rabbit a new cuddly home. Thank you for your wonderful newsletter and your blog!!

  134. How about a dalmatian dog? That would be great. Love bunny by the way.

  135. I love your bunnies. I think you should add a guinea pig or two.

  136. Gina Snyder says:

    I would love to see a giraffe softie.

    Your blue bunny is adorable!


  137. Nancy Longley says:

    I’d love to see a chipmunk. Small animals seem to lend themselves more easily to cuddling size for smaller children, like my one-year old great granddaughter.

  138. Jayne Bailey-Jones says:

    Helen, he is so so cute. He would lu foruive so nicely with my family of pin cushion mice. I even had a friend ask me to make one for her!!!!

    I would like to see a squirrel on my dresser to should you make a pattern for one.

    Thank you

  139. A cuddly, floppy eared puppy named Buddy would make a nice addition to the collection. The oh, so soft cashmere blue bunny, Fuzzypeg, would be at home at my house!

  140. Rybania says:

    Bunny, bunny come to me….! My proposition for pattern is a black cat, as I have two black cats 🙂

  141. Violet Perry says:

    thank you for all your articles and delightful characters in your free patterns etc. I am fairly new to sewing but would love to make a little border terrier dog as I have a smashing little character called Jasper at home with me in Scotland – perhaps you could make a pattern for this. Would also dearly love your little rabbit and Jasper and I would welcome him into our family. Thank you once again.

  142. I learned this week that a baby Puffin is called a puffling – soounds like a perfect softie?

  143. hi helen,
    that’s a very sweet bunny. i would love also to see a very sweet lamb – i know you’d come up with something adorable!

  144. G’day Helen
    I would love to win the sweet bunny and maybe a Softie Kangaroo as a companion to Hop with all the way to a good home in Australia
    Thank you for the chance to win

  145. I just happen to have a new grand daughter and she would love to have the
    blue bunny in her nursery. Her nursery is decorated with Beatrix Potter theme. So she has several bunnies painted on her walls.
    Thank you-

  146. your bunny is precious! thank you for being so generous to share! I love butterflies; would that be a realistic softie? Blessing!

  147. Stephanie V. says:

    An opossum would be cute with it’s own little quilt for when it wants to play dead.

  148. I’d love to have a Blue Bunny to cuddle! 🙂

    I’d like to see a pig – not just any pig, a piggy with wings. 🙂


  149. Cathy Champion says:

    I would love to see a pattern for a fox – a gray fox! My husband loves them and they are hard to find. I think that a gray fox neck comfort pillow would be cool, or an amulet bag, or an appliqued pillow case! Oh boy, now my creative juices have started and I may have to do something to feed hubby’s fox addiction!
    By the way, the blue cashmere bunny would fit right in here at our house! Our cats love bunnies to cuddle with!.

  150. A cute penguin might be fun. Or a fox. I have a bunch of critters that would love a new bunny friend!

  151. I used to have a bunny like Fuzzy when I was little and I still miss him (I am 50-ish now). I would love to give him a home and lots of TLC. I think you should design and make a series of wild animals, a lion, giraffe, hippo etc etc. That would be fabulous.

    Thank you for being you
    Lots of hugs to you and Fuzzy
    Jane x

  152. isabelle says:

    Blue bunny will be happy to go with someone to love!
    I will like to see a softie Cat =^..^= pattern <3

  153. zoe hargreaves says:

    would love to give him a home, he will be safe and warm and a lovely new addition to my others 🙂

    i would love to see an owl there are my fave animal of all time xx

  154. I would like to see a chicken!

  155. I would give Blue Bunnie a safe and loving home. Thanks.

  156. I would love to have blue bunny in my home he would enjoy visits from my grandchildren. I would like to see a blue bird pattern in the Bustle & Sew . It would be a fun addition to our Spring/Summer time decorating.

  157. Lynette says:

    Hi, Blue bunny is so cute. I would love to see a cow, frog or my special favourite is giraffes. Thankyou for the opportunity to win him. Keeep up the great work you do. Love it.

  158. I would love to see either a womble or a mole pattern added to your store, and then a badger, rat and a toad (can you see the theme?). Blue bunny would be very loved here as I have a little girl who loves rabbits. After my beautiful rabbit died just before my first child was born I tended to buy soft rabbits for them rather than teddies, so another little rabbit would fit in just perfectly.

  159. Heather says:

    How about a Pug softie… would have fun getting all those wrinkles in his face and you could call him “Gizmo” …… The blue bunny is adorable and he could come and live here with us on the shores of Galway Bay and we would play Bing Crosby singing Galway Bay for him every day 🙂

  160. How about a soft book or a poodle? Yes, very different, but you have a knack with this kind of thing. Your cashmere bunny is a gem.

  161. Donna D'Intino says:

    Little Blue Bunny is more than welcome to come to America and live with me! I would love to see a pattern for little squirrels or chipmunks.
    But then any pattern you come up with will be wonderful.
    Donna D

  162. [email protected] says:

    I bought this pattern and made some of these creatures for friends. I would love a laying down bunny pattern.

  163. Such an adorable little bunny!! I would like to see a pattern for an elephant or an owl. Love your website! x

  164. Oh my goodness! The cutest little blue bunny with the cutest photo and the most tragic back story! Poor thing! I would love to give him a home, he can share my hot chocs and snugs at night.
    It would be fantwstic to see a giraffe on busstle and sew. They are the most elegant of creatures and my favorite of them all.
    Your work is beautiful and your emails force my sewing box out again and again (I’m not as good as you but I’m not too shabby).
    I cant wait to see what the resulting pattern will be!
    Much love,
    Kate. x

  165. Hard to decide, love the idea of a lamb or giraffe, but I love dogs too! Thank you for the chance to win.

  166. Rita King says:

    I love your Bunny! I would like to see you do a pattern for a softie Wolf, a baby Seal, and a Starfish… I love your Patterns.

  167. Kaylene says:

    I would love to see a giraffe or zebra as a softie. Blue Bunny is totally gorgeous 🙂

  168. Debbie Arnold says:

    Mr blue bunny looks lovely and I am sure he will miss you place very much, but he would have a nice home here in Australia.
    I would love to see some puppies, lambs and maybe a baby calf.
    Thanks deb

  169. I’d love to see a kitty pattern and I’ll take bunny and give him a great home!

  170. Virginia says:

    love your web site and wonderful patterns. I’d love to see a clydesdale horse pattern.. I love them and think they are so beautiful.

  171. Shirley says:

    Well I really would love to give little blue bunny a home….I would love to see a wonderful blue puppy….my daughter and I make kerchiefs for dogs and work with a lot of rescue groups … a blue dog (or any colour) would be wonderful to make to donate the proceeds.

  172. I would love to see a badger. You have blue bunny, maybe striped, the black badger would be a useful addition to rthe family.

  173. I remember a little girl in my neighbourhood, about 25 years ago, who did not want a bunny, a doll or a bear like most other girls. No, she wanted a crocodil as a softie to hug and take it to bed with her. I never forgot that extraordinary wish of that little girl. So that is why I think a crocodil would be a very nice new softie for you to design! I am very curious what new design it will be 😉

    Greetings from Holland.
    Annemie 🙂

  174. MERRILL HOGAN says:

    I love this bunny and would love him to come to my house. I love scotty dogs too and think a scotty softy would be lovely 🙂

  175. Peta Lawes says:

    I love you blue bunny but, there is something which I have crocheted many times and I really like to see them sewn.
    All the kids around my area like to see Pokémon and Mario Brothers.
    What I was hoping is you could come up with a sewn Mario and Luigi!!
    I love reading your newsletters
    Peta Lawes

  176. My sister who has an intellectual disability now lives with us. She has always loved stuffed animals, but also realizes that since she is 54 she should be “grown up”. Wouldn’t this be so wonderful for her – a grown up stuffed animal.

  177. My grandson, Wyatt, would give the bunny a wonderful home. A new softie pattern for an elephant would be wonderful!

  178. I love this sweet little bunny, but how about a fawn.
    Thank you for the giveaway!

  179. Diane Brides says:

    First and foremost your Bunny is really sweet, you do a great job at softies, i have in the past made patterns. It takes alot of time!!!I have my fingers crossed! I would love to see maybe a dolly made with felt, or maybe a squirrel with a skirt and her baby all wrapped up in a soft blankie, a lamb with a big bow and bell would be sweet, and i agree with others a scottie dog would be cute. What about a spotted cow??LOL That would be moo-aful! I can think of a ton of things, what about a ladybug?? I beleive what ever you choose it will turn out great. Thanks for the giveaway!

  180. superstitches says:

    Any stuffed animal that cute is always welcome at my home. I’d love to see a cat with lots of personality for your next creation.

  181. I love your blue bunny, if I was lucky enough to win, she would be going to another home, as I am doing an auction of hand-made items for Teenage Cancer Trust. So would love to show her to many more peeps on our auction night, we would of course credit you for the donation! I would like to see a little ladybird added to the softie collection, I think their is something magical about them! Good luck everyone!

  182. I am a rabbit/bunny collector. My house isn’t without some of them in every room. I think a puppy would be a good choice for the next one.

  183. Blue is my FAVORITE color! We can exchange cuddles.
    I wonder if a lambkin would fit in with your other softies

  184. Beverly Carroll says:

    I would love to see a giraffe in your store. I do, however, love the things that you already have there.

  185. I live all the way over in Burma (Myanmar) and this is my first time writing on someone’s blog. I’d love to win Bunny but would also be happy seeing a bear softie pattern.

  186. I would love to see owl softies too since I have a nest in the old tree in my back yard! :o)

  187. Lucinda Reams says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to receive the little bunny. I would love to see a little doggie softie.

  188. I know my little grandaughter is in love with monkeys. I would love to see one soft and cuddly for her.

  189. Your blue cashmere bunny is adorable. my granddaughter is crazy about wolves. That might be an odd softie pattern, but she would be over the moon in love with one.

  190. shirleyj says:

    Would love to see a horse softie. All your softies are precious.

  191. Please can you make a squirrel? I live in Australia now and I do miss them. And your little bunny would love to live with me because although I am 65 I am still a little girl inside!

  192. Kathleen says:

    I would like to see a pattern for a grey squirrel. Thanks.

  193. Nancye Aitken says:

    Hi Helen, I am sure he will be kept safe here in Aussie. How about another Bird softie, perhaps a peacock.Cheers Nancye

  194. Jeanne Jones says:

    I would love to see a soft, little lamb. What fun to make something so soft and cuddly. It would be a nice gift for your favorite knitter.

  195. A little frog would be nice, or perhaps a fuzzy lamb? I’m sure whatever it is you choose it’ll be sweet!

  196. Your Bunny is very cute. How about a Hedgehog to keep Benjamin Bunny company

  197. How about a Hedgehog to keep Benjanmin Bunny company

  198. What a cute little guy. I would love to see a sitting bunny pattern, woodsy and whimsical. Thank you for sharing all your creativity with us.

  199. I would love to have Blue Bun come and live with Twitch and I and Twitch suggests a beautiful lop-eared bunny would make a very special softie.
    Thank you for your generous gift and for your wonderful blog,

  200. Linette Whiteman says:

    How about a pony softie

  201. The Bunny is so cute and would be much loved. I would love to see a lamb softie!

  202. Pat Bendily says:

    Blue Bunny is adorable and would love to have him here in Michigan with me, but he would probably be safer elsewhere. You see, I LOVE pin cushions and would put him on a shelf in my sewing room and use him as a pin cushion… oh well! Have you ever considered a chipmunk in your softie menagerie? Thanks for the peek into your world.

  203. Lynn Delahunty says:

    Having loved elephants all my life I would love to see an elephant softie! Cute rabbit by the way!

  204. I think a softie koala would be cute

  205. I would love to adopt him… And maybe a softie plane would be nice ..

  206. Sandra Huwaidi says:

    I just love bunnies. he is sooooooo cute. I think he needs to travel to Australia to be cuddled. What about a little fat tummy pig with a curly tail or a little lamb with a black face. Love your site and your magazine

  207. Shelley says:

    We have two very loud, but deceptively small frogs who have taken up residence in our pond. I think a frog softie would be grand! Thanks for the opportunity to win the beautiful blue bunny.

  208. I would love a unicorn or lamb

  209. Brenda J. Moore says:

    I have to say… there is something about the look of a BASSET HOUND or even a cheeky RACCOON that always makes me smile.
    Although, you’ve got such great wee critters here, anything chosen will also brighten our days and if your wee blue Bunny boy is seeking a Forever home…he is welcome here anytime.

    Cheers from Oshawa, Ontario.

  210. Love the little blue bunny! I’m sure he old be happy in sunny Florida! I would love to see a little skunk. They are much sweeter thn most people realize.

  211. Lovely bunny…….I would like a pattern for a puffin please!

  212. Elaine Mcdermott says:

    Love it 🙂 Mouse…Lamb…Raccoon…Squirrel. So many animals to love 🙂

  213. I would love to see a lamb or a pony softie. Or even an odd badger. You have such a cute collection of softies already, and I love them all.

  214. Ailsa Busby says:

    Hi Helen,
    Your blue bunny would be just what I need to cheer up my eldest son. I think that a mole, perhaps a gardener, would make a great addition to your adorable softies range.
    Many thanks for all you do, such an inspiration.

  215. My eight month old grandson, Thomas, would give blue bunny lots of dribbly kisses and hugs, so do hope my number comes up this time.

    I think a softie polar bear would be a wonderful addition to your cuddly family.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win Bunny Bleu!


  216. How about a little Kangaroo

  217. Love the Bunny, I have made all kinds and have to tell children love it when I gave it as an Easter present. An idea for other patterns… there are soooo many…. I would think like a camel, giraffe, koala bear.
    You know the animals from Winnie the Pooh would also be cool, especially the donkey and Piglet,Tigger, Ejgor and the Kangaroo with baby…. have fun looking forward for the next kuddle animal
    greets from Moldova ! Mieke

  218. Heather says:

    A gorgeous bunny. How about an orangutan?

  219. bunny is absolutely gorgeous. as im in the uk its probably too far for him to travel 🙁 but who knows what adventures he could have on the way 🙂
    hanging chicken /hen?


  221. I love the little rabbit, it is so cute 🙂
    I would love a horse or butterfly pattern 🙂


  223. I would love a squirrel softie in warm Autumn colours and maybe a litte acorn and leaf?

  224. I would just love to see a beautiful cavalier king charles spaniel!!! You have the skill to design a gorgeous little pup!!

  225. Hi Helen,

    Just love the bunny, but what I would really like is a Cairn Terrier.
    I’ve had 3 of those little rascals. Now we have a Ragdoll, also lovely, but so different from the dogs……


  226. The Blue Bunny is adorable. I would love to give him a home with my Boyds bears and bunnies. We have lots of love to give. I would love to see a baby sea otter in your pattern store. Have a great day.
    Helen M xo

  227. Jenny Milner says:

    So cute! I would like patterns for cats 🙂

  228. Thank you for the lovely giveaway! Such a sweet bunny! I think for a new ppattern a sea animal would be nice like an otter or whale! thank you!

  229. Joyce F. says:

    I would certainly give Fuzzy a loving home here as he would have many other friends to play with, including a unicorn and dragon. I would love to see a dachschund stuffie, a camel, fox, hippo, dragon or even a hummingbird. Thanks for the chance to win.

  230. i would love bunny.
    How about a pony

  231. The blue bunny looks adorable – I would love a dog softie as my grandchildren love dogs. Thank you for all your inspiration.

  232. I think a fox would be cute as a softie.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  233. I would love to give him a home, and I love cats too, how about a chubby and funny cat pattern?

  234. I love your little blue bunny and would love to give him a home by the ocean here on Cape Cod in Massachusetts. Thanks for the chance to “adopt!”

    It’s so nice that you’re asking for suggestions for the shop; I think a fat little chicken and perhaps her brood of chicks would be lovely in your charming style.

  235. Martine LABARRE says:

    ce lapin est mignon tout plein
    et se plairai bien en France
    Amitiés Mamicha

  236. What a cute bunny – how can you bear to part with him?! My youngest has a thing for squirrels at the mo so I would have to say a softie squirrel.

  237. He’s sew cute! I’ll find room for him – how about a raggy dolly? Thanks for your beautiful designs

  238. Kim Lundstrom says:

    This bunny is adorable! I would also love to see a cat pattern.

  239. Annamarie says:

    I would like a fat frog.

  240. Hello Helen! I would love to see a raccoon softie pattern 🙂

  241. Cindy Schmidt says:

    I love this bunny! How about some fish softies? Thanks, Helen…

  242. I would love to see a squirrel softie:)
    Thanks for a chance to have Little Cashmere Bunny come to my house:)

  243. Terri Sue says:

    The Blue Bunny Is adorable. I know a little granson who would love him. You have done geese before, but how about a chubby little duck. We had a house duck wuo wore diaper halters. My grandchildren were crazy about her until she tragically died. She was a Crested Duck, which looks very much like a Pekin, But they have a topknot of long fluffy feathers on the top of their heads, kind of like a pom-pom. Thank you for the chance.

  244. Cindy guido says:

    I would like to see something whimsical like a mermaid as a softy!! Blue bunny needs to come to California and I,ll feed him carrots from Mexico. Thank-you so much for the pictures of Daisy, I have always wanted a Newfie, I have Chow chows. Can,t wait to hear from you soon.

  245. Debra Lee says:

    I would love a moose!

  246. Helen Le Ster says:

    My son was born in the year of the rabbit, so we are bunny obsessed in this family.
    I would like to see a pattern for a penguin please (you never see many penguin cuddlies to make!).

  247. Hi Helen, I would love the chance to give this cute Bunny a new home thanks.
    I would also love to see maybe a plump looking Toad or Frog or maybe a Snail, in Bustle and Sews collection. I have made a knitted Frog in the past but not tried sewing one.
    Thank you.

  248. I would like to see a girafee! Blue Bunny would find the most love in the arms of a newborn grandson for a friend of mine.

  249. Patricia says:

    As a child I had and loved the Golliwog that my Mother knitted for me. We slept together until I was (can you believe it) about 13 years of age. He later had no stuffing left, only back on front! Only one eye was still intact, but it seemed to make no difference to me. So if I could make a fabric Golliwog to give a child as much enjoyment as I got out of my Golly, I would be delighted.
    P.S. Needless to say, your cuddly Bunny would receive the same love and affection.

  250. I love the Rabbit !!!!
    Would like to see a puppy/dog done the same way, but any animal would be awesome..

  251. My daughter had a little bunny who died the same time I was diagnosed with cancer.
    I actually was in with the doctor, he was telling me they hadn’t gotten all the cancer with the most recent surgery, when she tried and tried and tried to get a hold of me. :o)/:o( Later we found out that all my girls had been molested over the years by a very close relative. (Who is in jail now for his crimes.) We later found out that her dog was dying of cancer. He passed away in his sleep. The process of dealing with all of this has been a very rocky road as you can imagine. My daughter, Faith now 15, is struggling to keep her head above water so to speak. I think a little bunny to hug would help her to feel loved and know there is hope….kind of like the velveteen rabbit. :o)
    Thanks so much for your wonderful site.
    It is the highlight of my day many times! :O)

  252. The bunny is so sweet, how about a little deer? I enjoyed seeing all the places where your readers live! Me? I’m just down the road in Cornwall!
    Love and Peace

  253. Chrissie Brett says:

    Hi Helen

    It would be lovely to win the Buuny as it si something I havent yet made for my two little Granddaughters. My three year old is convinced all animal softies come to life and she treats them as such.

    Therefore I would like to see a softie pattern for “Ben” although not quite a big!! 🙂

  254. I would love to give the bunny a wonderful home at this new grandma’s house. My granddaughter was born today and I know she would love to play with that bunny. I would like to see a giraffe softie someday.

  255. I would love to give him a new home, he is so cute and would fit right in here at my home. I would love to see you make a Dachshund softie for the shop as I just love them so much.:)

  256. How about a family of elephants or little birds/chicks. Great fun to be had using up all your bits and bobs.

  257. Susan Lindeman says:

    I would love to see a little OWL softie!!

  258. lynda Lagodney says:

    I would love to see an elephant softie! Or a giraffe….
    Hope I win!

  259. Barbara says:

    I think I would love to see a soft kitty or snake softie. Oh I hope I win your bunney, its a sweet looking one

  260. I would love some fluffy cuddly sheep

  261. I have 3 dogs and would love to see a dog pattern in the softie line-up. That sweet bunny would be right at home here with me and the dogs.

  262. Chris Vittori says:

    I would love to see a little horse to keep Blue Bunny company

  263. Shauna Sherrit says:

    My son is to be a first time daddy to a little boy due on September 17th I would love to have Little bunny come to his home in the country to await the new arrival. I would love a softie country style Mr Friendly Fox Scottish tweed breeches and all Thanks for sharing your talents with us all x

  264. Beatrice says:

    Thanks for your work. I would love to see some softies in birds, owls, sheep and dolls.
    Thaks a lot

  265. Linda K says:

    How about a dear little deer, in other words a bambi lookalike please.

  266. Mary Ann Atzrott says:

    I would love a pony softie… or a family of horses!!!

  267. I have a beauiful home for the bunny!!!
    I would like to see a turtle amoung your softies.
    georgia hugs coming your way

  268. Stephanie says:

    What a cute little rabbit, I’d give him a very loving home! I’d like to see a fox softie 🙂

  269. Eva Campi says:

    Creio que ele gostaria de morar no Brasil!
    E que tal um pinguim como sua próxima criação, acho muito fofo.
    Parabéns pelos seus lindos trabalhos, são maravilhosos, sou uma grande admiradora sua por estas bandas…….gosto de tudo, mas os tecidos ingleses são o máximo!
    Bjks, Eva

  270. Kathryn Gaget says:

    Hi Helen I would love to see a cute bird maybe a robin? I loved the parrot you have already done but a cute and cuddly softer bird would be nice. I also like lambs and pigs and a badger would be so cute too. I was going to say hedgehogs as we done have them here on Australia but you already have done them as well and so sweet they are.

  271. Hi Helen ,Id like to see a Rooster in the store . they are a bit more of a chalenge than a hen and one of my favorite farm animals !!

  272. Lori Morton says:

    Love this adorable lil’ bunny!! I need a lil’ buddy in my sewin’ room too!! He’s perfect! & I will loooove him & treat him to carrot cupcakes & tea! 🙂

    I would love a Frog Softie pattern!

  273. CarolAnn says:

    I have a loving home for this bunny. Blue is favorite color. Would love to see a cute puppy

  274. What a lovely bunny! Thank you for a chance to win!
    I always wanted to sew an elephant 🙂


  275. Ranju Gandhi says:

    An elephant softie pattern..please

  276. a lovely little rat without a long nose that everyone seems to make!! they don’t have long noses!!

  277. Eileene aka Noiseynana says:

    I’d love to have “fuzzy” in our family. What I love to see in the “store” is a pattern of a softie 3toed sloth. Like Sid on Ice Age. He’d be such a lovie in soft green. I can almost see him now. …….

  278. Bunny would be so loved at my house!
    I would love to see patterns for rats please. We have 7 beautiful pet rats at the moment, having just lost 2. Rat Club friends who want to remember their pets when they’ve passed on would be thrilled if I could male them a softie in memory of their loved pets.

  279. Blue Bunny is adorable. Among your softy patterns I would love to see a giraffe or an elephant as they are my favourite animals. Thank you for sharing a sweet giveaway.

  280. I have a new great niece who would love to give this adorable little bunny a home. Could we have a pattern for a giraffe please.

  281. Victoria says:

    Es muy bonito, a mi hija le encantan los conejos…
    A mi me gustaria un canguro, podria servir para guardar cosas en su bolsa.

  282. Hi Helen, I love your bunny! The softie pattern I would love to see is a piglet, as my son loves them!

  283. JANET SCHMICK says:

    My daughter just had a new baby boy and is doing all giraffes in the baby’s room. I would love to see a giraffe softie. I would also LOVE to give bunny a new home

  284. Freda Gossage says:

    The little bunny is gorgeous. I also love MICE, the smaller the better, white ones with red eyes, with little clothes on are so cute.

  285. I subscribed to your magazine when I saw this little bunny pattern! I would love to see a pattern for a turtle or a pelican!

  286. Hi I love the bunny. How about a sleeping fox cub – he would have to be sleeping so the bunnies were all safe!!

  287. Helen,
    I love the blue cashmire bunny. How about making a mouse like this?

  288. I LOVE bunnies! My bunny collection is in the attic awaiting a new floor in the den. My high school mascot was a bunny! How about some softie patterns of puppies?

  289. How about an armadillo, they are cute little creatures but dont see many patterns. We have them here in our southern areas but for kids in other places they could learn about some other little guy besides the usual ones

  290. Heather Miles says:

    My god hes so cute. I’d love to see a Canadian Goose stuffy. We have a lot of them around here and I see so many babies on my way to work.

  291. I would like to see a doe. This is a lovely bunny!

  292. Hello, Helen!
    As much as Fuzzy has loved living with you in your cottage by the sea, he would also love living here in my renovated train station in Pennsylvania! I have several other bunnies in my sewing room made of recycled sweaters and I am sure they will keep each cozy and comfortable. 🙂 I would love to see a softie elephant pattern from you in the future. The underside of their enormous ears just begs for some lovely cotton fabric while the body could be any variety of fibers but my choice would be to use more of my recycled, felted sweaters – maybe cashmere to match fuzzy!
    Thank you for your lovely, creative designs. I am relatively new to your blog and magazine but have loved everything I’ve seen. I already have a queue of your projects with the very first one the sewing machine cover for my well loved and well used Bernina! I’ll be sure to post photos on instgram!
    Thank you!

  293. Helen how lovely to give away your beautiful little blue Bunny. I don’t have any little people, so I hope buunykins goes to a kind home!
    My suggestion is a green fluffy frog – ribbit!


  294. What a sweet boy! Albert All Love is my name for him!

  295. How about an elephant??

  296. I would love to see a pattern of a ladybird from you, it would be the cutest little bug 😉
    And lovely little Bunny Blue could be a wonderful sewing companion of mine! And thank you for your inspiration!

  297. Cindy Holthaus says:

    I would like to see you make a kitty-cat for your next project. I would also like to win the bunny. Thank you for your fun ideas and patterns to make these animals.

  298. Rossella says:

    Hey little bunny! You can join us here if you wish!
    How about a little doll, a cute little doll is what we need.

  299. Sherry Caldwell says:

    Your bunny is adorable. He would have a great home here in Az.

  300. My little girl is mad about dogs. I’d love to see a cute wee dog softie.

  301. I love him! In fact, I’ve already named him: Wilf!

    I’d love to see some owl patterns please, can’t seem to sew enough variations of them, they’re always so cheery and wise.

  302. Michelle says:

    Blue bunny is so adorable! I would love to see a swan as part of your collection x

  303. Niranjana says:

    Thank you Helan, you are doing lovely creative things, the pin cushion mice I followed you and it is in my face book page “Kumari Fabric Gallery”, also I would like to try your “Charlie” the little Elephant. My Little nephew wanted me to make a little cat, if possible please create and enabling us to how to make it.

    Good Luck for your future endeavors…………

    Love and God Bless


  304. Sandy O says:

    The bunny is so cute. Doesn’t look like you have an elephant, giraffe, or a chicken. All of those would be good softees to add.


  305. Susan K says:

    I’d love to see a cat or squirrel. Thanks for the giveaway!

  306. Monica D says:

    An ostrich would be great fun. Their long legs and big eyes make them so lovable.

  307. Saskey-on-sea says:

    As Fuzzy is used to being by the seaside I’m sure he’s love to travel up the coast to sunny Sussex. Would love to see a baby newfie not sure how hairy this would be to make tho!

  308. I’d love a Dragon softie pattern. But would keep him away from the bunny!

  309. Hi Helen, would love to see a softie tortoise. As well as Bunny ofcourse!

  310. My son Cami would love your bunny, he says it is the cutest thing he has seen!
    he thinks you should make a softy of a collie dog, just like his ‘Lucy’.
    Karen x

  311. I would love to see a hedgehog or even a fox! 😀

  312. this little blue bunny would be welcome friend to my very own lub lubs cute little aliens they have come to earth from the planet kuddelmelots and they need lots of friends would love to see a hippo

  313. Jo Ellis says:

    Hi, please could I give the adorable bunny a home as I have never left a comment on a blog before…your beautiful makes inspire me, if only I had your talent. Xx

  314. Cats are my favorite animal so I would have to say more kitty patterns…maybe a basketfull of wee kitties! 🙂 Thanks, sure hope to win the beautiful bunny!!! xx

  315. A would love to see a cute dolly as I have two grandgirls and one grand boy… love this lil snuggle bunny.. thanks for the chance,… Hugs

  316. Bethaney says:

    Darling bunny! I would love any farm animal softie patterns! Cows, sheep, chickens, etc!

  317. Samantha Sherring says:

    Hello little bunny, we have a little lady, Emilia, who is only three months old and would love to give you a new home, we live in the beautiful New Forest on the south coast of England where you would feel right at home! Hope you choose to live with us! Samantha x

  318. Samantha Sherring says:

    Forgot to add would live to see new Mouse pattern! X

  319. Michelle Balmer says:

    Please ,please create a humpty dumpty pattern as it would bring back so many nostalgic memories of my first ever sewing project at junior school dare I say 36 years ago!! Sadly with so many moves as a child it got lost.My son loves Peter rabbit and has taken a fancy to Fuzzy. He would love our view of the sea in sunny Babbacombe,Torquay!!

  320. Piroska says:

    He’s adorable! I’d love to see an owlet pattern!

  321. melissa bailes says:

    Love your softies. Bunnies are among my favorites but sheep are my my favorite so maybe a sweet little black faced sheep to add to your softies.

  322. A fawn!

  323. Kathy O in GA says:

    I love all the softies, but I’ll bet the blue bunny would like to live at my house…and he’d love to see some dogs and lambs come play too!

  324. Becky Coyle says:

    I’ll give him a loving home! Thanks for the chance.

  325. Becky Coyle says:

    I’d love to see a Dachund pattern.

  326. I would love to see a softie kitty. Thank you for your lovely newsletters and patterns. I love reading about you and your dogs!

  327. I like all of your creations and I think you have a special gift thaqt adds a certain bit of charm to each one. I would like to see a squirrel. You know, the ones you see with their tails up in the air scampering away from you.

  328. Your bunny is so very cute! I fear I am too late for the giveaway drawing; however, it’s all good. Perhaps a pattern purchase is in order, eh…lol!

  329. Vanessa says:

    Hi Helen How about an Aussie animal a kangaroo or and emu. Would love to win the bunny to give to a friend having a new baby.

  330. Veronica says:

    Lovew the bunny so cute =) An owl pattern or also a seahorse would look great i think.

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